Greetings esteemit, know this place where you can appreciate a historical, architectural fact.

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San Carlos Castle, full of horror history, pirate chases and much more.
google font.

More than a year ago I decided to investigate and visit some tourist places in Zulia state (where I live) a place with a very hot, sunny climate, which is why I had not been interested in tourism here, apart from the fact that I did not know about it, but the truth is that I needed an urgent trip, apart from that, a very economical one (since it is getting harder every day to go to more distant places, due to the critical situation we live in) and this trip was the most seductive of the moment , plan with my friends and leave, I introduce you to luisa, henry, liz and my person!

We travel on Catamaran

Well here I will leave a tiny historical summary and real photos with the authority of my travel group.

Google font, castle from aerial view.

The San Carlos Castle was built on an island, in the Spanish colonial era, year 1623 located at the entrance to Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela, in order to protect the entrance to the lake that leads to the mainland, it is a fortification armed that should be protected from any enemy, in this case the most well-known visitors were the terrifying PIRATES, which caused fear to the Spanish empire, the castle is full of bloody stories, in their cells they torture the native slaves or any character they wanted, Well the truth is that the pirates took the castle several times, looting, murdering, what can I say, a thief steals a thief? Whom iron kills, iron dies? I say this because of the historical fact of the Spaniards who felt threatened, being them the worst threat of the moment hahaha, someone here has seen the series black sails? by that time I was seeing her and I commented that when visiting the museum and the surroundings of the castle, I watched the artillery and I imagined each scene of the series, associating it to the place in real time XD, and the pirate song of the heavy band metal spanish santa earth, there was only my imagination pecking a bit like a child, now let's talk about one of the most rude and known pirates of the moment, black beard was an English pirate, known for his exploits, looting in America and his attire, they say that in his hat he had a kind of sticks filled with gunpowder that when he turned them on, caused terror to his enemies.

recorded image of black beard, google font.

Original photo taken by my travel group

the window of a cell

An anchor and cannons

Welcome to the Museum

In this picture you can see a historical overview of these pirates.

Oh and of course we bathed on the beach!

Thank you for your time, I waited and you liked my first post level XD, the castle, the island has more exciting places and a lot of history, I just could not upload all the photos and apart they took pictures of the surroundings, because the Castle was closed for such restoration.

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