THE SCREWS- A fabulated tale- by @JULIAN.ALEJANDRO

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The Screws: A Fabulated Tale.
Author: @julian.alejandro
Original idea of the drawings: Julian Infante
Illustration work: @Franggy
Collaborator: @Yrmaleza

In a place in Caracas Venezuela, whose name we will always have to remember, a car came out of a mechanic's shop, apparently well restored, because his image spoke of what was new.

Its owner drove with a joy that reflected his pride and pretense of having the best car in the city.
Traveling a long way to get to his house some internal and external parts of the vehicle began to engage in a discussion in which they talked about who was more important.

The first to argue about its importance was the battery:
This began saying; -What good do you feel car-
-What this four-wheel machine does not know is that without me it can not reach its destination because I am the one who produces the energy so that the spark ignites the motor-
-Better. It is worth to the owner to keep me in perfect condition because if it is not like that, no part will arrive.-

The other parts of the car hearing the argument of the battery, began to argue loudly, each one claiming the importance of its function.

In second order, jealous spark plugs and proud of their work tell the battery: - It is true that you light the spark, but we control the pass of this, so that the engine works well toned and has enough strength to make the car roll-

After this intervention of the spark plugs, the argument began to get much hotter and began to put on guard the other car's parts.

The impetuous Alternator, hearing what the battery and the spark plugs said in their own favor, comfront them and says:
-Well, well, well-
-You boast of producing and controlling electricity-
-But it's me who keeps them alive. - They do not see that I return the current so that the battery does not go into a coma and the spark plugs can continue to control the explosions-?
-Me. The powerful Alternator keep you all alive. You depend on me -

Then, in the light of the dispute, the Gasoline Pump says:
-Ha ha ha ... So what do we have? -
-Battery and spark plugs boasting of producing and controlling electricity-
-Well, let me tell you my beloved and admirable electric parts-

-Without fuel of gas do not dream of traveling. I'm the one who pumps the gas so that the car can travel long roads and reach its destination-

-So do not dream, do not dream! -

Now the oil pump comes out to defend its position: -I also as a pump I make all the oil flow through the lubrication system, preventing the engine from melting and becoming unusable. I am the heart of the car.!

Since then, the water pump was not going to be quiet and quickly speaks with great pride of his work: -To see my dear colleagues bombs and other illustrious parties- -If we go, Me. as a water pump, I am the one who keeps the car cool and I avoid the engine overheating, so I give life to the car, like it or not.

The buffers attentive to the discussion also argue:

-We support the weight of everyone and make each part of the car does not suffer each time the car goes through rough roads.
-In addition, we give comfort to the vehicle.-
-Nobody else can do this work as we do.-

The wheels with ears attentive to the discussion begin to murmur and reply:

-If we talk about holding weight up , we are the ones who bear the weight of the car.-
-Also when we go on unpaved roads we have to endure the mistreatment of stones and objects left during the journey that often make us prick and take the air.
-Without us any piece of the car can not move.-

The brakes do not want to go unnoticed and speak loudly:
-We preserve everyone's life here.-
-So we are more important because the life of the driver depends on us-
-That includes you all too-

To all these, in the middle of the discussion one of the screws noticed an intense vibration in the whole car and discovered that a number of screws were not adjusted properly and began to loosen and to get out. The screw seeing what was going to happen screams loudly to the parties in conflict: - Gentlemen, many of us are leaving because we were not adjusted properly! -

For the moment, there was silence, and incredibly the parties agreed only to tell the screws:
-You have no voice or vote in this conflict-!
What do you know about working if all your life is resting on all the parts of the car? -

  • This discussion is only for those of us who work hard and are an important parts-
    -Not like you who do not know anything about our functions-

Suddenly, an intense vibration was felt in the whole vehicle, similar to an earthquake of great magnitude. What the screws were afraid of happened. And one by one they fell causing the car parts to fall apart too.

The screws lamenting said:
-If they had heard us, this tragic event would not have happened-
-We warned you, but we were not taken into account-
-His arrogance, pride and haughtiness blocked their reason-
- here is the result-

In the end, there were only useless parts of what was once a nice car, and neither party could speak because they were disconnected from each other.

Moral of the story. We do not believe ourselves superior to others because we are an important and key piece in our work.
Philippians 2: 3 Do not do anything out of selfishness or vainglory, but with a humble attitude, each of you should consider the other as more important than yourself.

Firtly. Mi Grattitud to GOD.



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