The relationship in fallacies and the education style in Japan

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I went to the English class on last Sunday.
This is an article what I went at first.

The class was also so good.
Today, I would like to introduce what was surprised in which the difference of the reading culture between Japanese and English.


In the class, we were gave an essay about Date rape.
I have never known this word but it is also happened sometimes in Japan.
This is a controversial argument so that I think it is a good text for the class since we can discuss about it.
Actually, I thought the author is so biased because he has strong opposite views against Feminism.
In this way, this essay is little difficult to read since some of his opinion is too aggressive to understand for me.

I somehow understood with a dictionary while I was in the class.
Then what I was surprised was a homework.
Its content was that "Find and write Fallacies if you find it in this article"

Why I was surprised

The reason is why we Japanese are not required to find the author's false.
Basically, what we are required to answer is "What does the author want to say?","Choose the correct explanation of the author's feeling at that time" and so on.
Because these questions are based on the consent of what authors don't have any false. So, the education system of Japanese doesn't require that we doubt the contents of articles.
It is like reading the holly bible.

I noticed that that's why America is such a strong country because the education system is more refined.
Of course, this is a kind of fallacy. It is called Oversimplification.

The education style in Japan

Japanese students have just LISTENED what a teacher told while in the class.
Nobody say his/her opinion to the teacher, rather nobody have any questions. We only have the answer to the question the teacher asked.
Because it is said that the education style in Japan is based on the concept of Confucianism. It means that we must respect the elders even if just 1 year older than one's. So, we are programmed that don't doubt against the thoughts of not only the elders also textbooks.

We must think logically and critically from now on

Either those who are not educated or don't have a habit to think logically and critically would be difficult to live in near future. Because the globalization breaks the barrier of our own common sense and even the national borders also would be melted.
Therefore, doubts against anything we see, experience are so important within such as the era of the flood of information and of rapid change.
First of all, I start to think logically and critically about the articles on internet and my textbooks.

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Very good!

So, the education system of Japanese doesn't require that we doubt the contents of articles.

That's exactly why I put a mistake in one of my recent posts. Never believe what someone says just because they're an "authority." Everyone makes mistakes. Anyone can be wrong. Nobody knows everything. And some people lie, are disingenuous, etc.


Thanks! You are right! "authority" is a good word to express what I want to say...I couldn't use it since couldn't remember.

After I check all your posts, it is very useful. let me follow and study with you.


Thanks you very much for your comment. I also followed you.
As my English is so poor, please understand what I mean and enjoy!


Hehe I commented on your post also use the services of geogle translation.

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please support us hope we can succeed. by @maulidin-alasyi

More worse in Myanmar.You will be crazy if you know well about teaching ans learning methods in Myanmar Education System.Ha ha.


My friend said it same as you. However I am not really sure about the methods in Myanmar, he said it is just "memorizing", not learning. It's just like a quiz game. Right? I don't know well so much.