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Charms Collector

Come alive!, Fly!, open your arms in the form of "V". Walk on the thinking heads of beautiful people and see the fury of this city located from the top, the cusp, where the hawk reigns, where the whirlwind caresses the top of the skyscrapers and its pendular movement is noticeable in every corner . Put your sight on the sea in the distance and ask yourself once again: How is the majesty of the universe built? What is your role in this system of causes and effects? How did life catch you in the game? and made you a slave, squeezing your resource on account of drops, until leaving you with water around your neck.

"Thus begins this delivery, seeking to assemble the puzzle with the missing links of the chain, ignoring all the rules, a set of facts that add to the repertoire of the Charms Collector."

Only a first breath is enough to start up the most valuable machine known in the world. Welcome to the paradise of desire, where life is suffering and sin will enter your eyes on its first attempt, then it will lodge in your chest. Therefore, you have inherited the faithful companion, with the stopwatch in your neonatal crib to the traveler's capsule at the end of the story. Death, many adore him and others fear him, but everything has its time, sometimes a few minutes from the beginning, sometimes long years after the first memory.

We went from breastfeeding, games and school fights. We change over the years, we transmute. Your first cry of a child, which you don't remember, but you know you should have done it, but it would bring serious consequences to your brain. We are the eminence of knowledge; Like when I heard #freddiemercury and his Ga Ga radio on an acetate LP spinning around a bolt. Come to life! Fly! Leave your legacy written on paper, your name carved in stone will not look good, because you are like a tree and your roots grow to the depths seeking to cling to not let you fall.

Who did not write the note on the last page of his diary, the school notebook with the drawing of the flecked heart, the happy face, the sad face and the one with angry eyes. We are a collection of facts stored in a chest, it would be a shame to miss this piece of art, that it is you, that we are both and that we should all be.

The Collector of charms, was among the broken hearts and discovered that they were also happy in a not so remote past, life is a box of Pandora, builds and destroys the love that at first unites us to then restart over the ashes, changing smiles for sobs and love for destruction.

It is better to multiply than divide, because living is like gold and what is yet to come is not part of this treasure. Imagine a summer dinosaur in the Yucatan Peninsula a few minutes after the fall of a rock from the outer space, which would be ours if we had no past, we would have lost our way without having any reference to our origin, although it will continue to be unknown, while science and religion do not agree a good pact.

Man created art when he noticed his ability to transform reality into another, figuratively. When his vision of the world transcended into the unlimited. It is the existential metaphor capable of surviving for generations, some converted into complex anagrams not yet deciphered, such as those of Da Vinci and its encrypted codex.

Who is the king of the golden statue? it is perhaps the investiture of something superior, the megalomania made person or, perhaps, who deserves adoration is actually the goldsmith and his tool with which he elaborated such a precious jewel. Tribute to the artist who created the goat's horns, the cherubs, the laurel medal and who coined those four coins that were once from Caesar, after Judas but before Pilate, then, art exists since man lived hidden in a cave and even the face of a neardertal also has its charm, but look in the mirror and you will see your ancestor.

Each life tells its own story and each story has its charm, this is the storytelling life, the engineer who did not know that he would become a poet and with his poetry would feed his family in an economy of limited resources or rather kidnapped resources . Eme here become the Charms Collector, building the gem making letters against the system, surviving somewhere on planet earth where the most cunning is who can put a plate of food on the table and despite what I said earlier, about that living has its charm, here you start from scratch every day and at night there is only the repetitive question:

Who will finish first? The Collector with the nightmare or the nightmare with the charm?



Charms Collector

Author: @nachomolina

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