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There's no book weirder and more interesting than this one. Twice I had to run into this book to enter its strange world. After the second attempt I devoured the pages in a few days, is a work that has long aroused interest in my person and that curiosity was not in vain.

Philip K. Dick, was a recognized writer from the United States, specializing in the genre of science fiction. In all of his works, themes such as politics and metaphysics are remarkable. Including monopolistic companies and altered states of consciousness. His novel Man in the Castle awarded him the Hugo Prize and also won the John W. Campbell Memorial Prize.

What it's about

Ubik is a unique and quality product that maintains what you want to maintain. Do you need makeup and beautify your face? Use Ubik, do you need something for your headache? Take Ubik. In essence, Ubik is everything.


To say the message of the work is to attack what makes the novel so special. It is to give content to what happens in the narrative. In short, I can say that the theme is about the beyond, what happens after death, how it is, and above all, does it exist? A question that has been hammering human consciousness for millions of years.

Writer's view

The novel is not as complicated as I thought, as every genre of science fiction contains terms that escape the reader's understanding. However, as the story unfolds, they become clearer and the plot takes shape. It is a work that gives the impression of being abstract and that nothing is what it seems. The characters are not very prominent, what makes the work shine is the Ubik, that between each chapter there is a brief propaganda of the product that has nothing to do with the story.

It is brilliant how the words are slid into a reality that is not so real. Being the second novel that I read of the author I suspect that all his stories will contain the same timbre of illusion.

Their writing methodology can be used to adapt them to future projects, and make them unreality.






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Thanks for that, I'll check it out some time. He is a very interesting character and I've been meaning to read several of his books but I haven't got round to it yet, as well as books about him, and I saw a clip of some press conference-type thing that he gave once in which he talked about his weird experience of slipping into some parallel life or something. I'd like to see the rest of that press conference if it's online somewhere.

By all accounts he took more than his fair share of drugs, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the weirdness he experienced was not real. I suspect it has more to do with his prolific creativity and relentless use of his imagination.

Anyway, I did get round to reading VALIS, and I would recommend that to anyone who is interested in reading any Philip K. Dick.

Also, you might be interested in this article about Philip K. Dick by another very interesting writer, Paul Levy -


I'll take a look at it. Certainly, what you say is true. This writer was prone to drugs and reflected them in his novels. Thank you for expressing your opinion.