The Secret to have an Iron Fortress. Part 2

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Hello to the whole community of Steemit today I bring you the second part of this post, in which I describe a very revealing part of my life, if you have not read the first part, here below I leave the link

 Part 1



   After having had that revelation and dedicate myself to study to find the solution, I started with my training, the first thing I did was to extract from the routine of my contender the obvious, what I already knew about him and what was that?

 · He got up early to go to work

 · Towards a lot of exercise loading the sacks of food

 · Flooded his body with a lot of adrenaline every time he went out to commit his misdeeds

· He slept with many women

I did not want to become a criminal, or be unfaithful to my girlfriend, much less work carrying sacks. but that life hardened him and I looked for a way to emulate that and that's where I came across Musashi Miyamoto's BOOK OF FIVE RINGS, in one of his writings he says; "Go alone to places that the common man fears, become a criminal on purpose, let yourself be imprisoned and liberated by your own wisdom."

That was the way, although I did not have it very clear, but after so much reviewing, I realized what I wanted to say, it's simply about challenging oneself, leaving your comfort zone, going always further. When he speaks of liberation through his own wisdom, he means that we should use more of our mind and do it with discipline.


 A lot gives this word lazy, but it is the key to becoming a warrior in all areas of life, I began to train with meditation, I learned a technique called Mindfulness and applied it to my life, it is about being attentive to what happens at this precise moment, to be in the present, nothing to wander thinking about the past or what may happen in the future.

 Let me qualify it, if you are attentive to the present and suddenly you start wandering with things that happened to you yesterday, when you realize, gently, you return to the present, this simple act will strengthen your brain, to be more precise, it will be your Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex.

Along with that I set a very rigorous schedule that consisted of;

 · Get ​​up at 5 am and do meditation sitting on the edge of the bed for 15 minutes.

· Strongly train martial techniques for 45 min.

 · After training, take a bath with cold water in the patio of the house

· Review the subjects that touched me that day

This is only part of what my daily routine consisted of, another thing that I proposed was to improve my study techniques, I learned quick reading, memorization techniques, mental maps and how to make summaries. All in order to harden me. My contender hardened in the way already described and I was doing it this way.

Other habits that I applied to my life and I recommend that you do them with yours in order to improve attention when doing a task are the following:

 · Turn off the phone, TV, close the facebook, etc.

 · Do not eat or drink when you are working, that breaks the tension that concentration produces

 · Forget about clocks, pause only when you have reached a point at work or when fully stroking it

 · Do not let hunger dominate you, who is the boss, your stomach or your brain?

· Do not do two things at once

· Do not let yourself be overcome by sleep

 · Terminate what you have started

When you are in your recreation time, make sure you are attentive to everything and enjoy it, for example if you go to a park, perceive the aroma of the vegetation, hear the trilling of the birds, etc.

With this method I became a disciplined man, although I must confess that the day ended in dust, but I persevered and I succeeded, if you want to try keep in mind that it takes at least 66 days to install a new habit. How will you know that you are on the right path? Whatever task you decide to undertake, you will do it immediately, without procrastinating, this will be the proof that your Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex is in full form.

And where does this take me? In the next part I will give you more details, greetings.

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Hey @terminator2756, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! Cheers :)