"The fault is yours" and mine !!!!

3년 전

Greetings to all the steemians community, I'm back again after a long absence. To be more exact and clear with all of you, the internet is depressing and that keeps me from doing many things. The good thing is that today I bring you a post and I hope you like it, I'm not the kind of person to spread a lot while talking, but I try to be clear and understand the idea or advice I want to convey.
Today I will talk about something that has always been hanging around in my mind and I dare to interact with you today and talk about it, "the fault is yours" maybe the title sounds crazy or not right at all however I hope they can understand that I want to talk to you.

We continue, now entering the subject, do you know people who blame others for things? Even his own acts if something goes wrong? Pes I think we all know someone, or we are another of the bunch, however lately I've been powerfully called the attention, the situation that crosses my country, "Venezuela" and how many people are able to blame other political, social and of all kinds but not the government of the evil that afflicts us all today, apart from that it also happens that we say or rather they say because in reality I do not think so, that this does not accommodate anyone, that neither comes who comes, and several more stupidities, it is very easy to witness the little mentality that certain people have, we also want to change other people and we are not able to do it or start by changing ourselves.

We always have obstacles in our lives, things that are necessary to learn and become strong in order to achieve growths and dreams. However, when we are not able to fight for what we want, it is easier for us to blame third parties for the bad things that come our way in life.

This is where I say that in certain cases third parties have some guilt for anything that happens or can happen for good or bad, as an example the government is guilty of many negative things for Venezuela, but that does not mean we have to sit idly by hoping that the situation improves to want to be entrepreneurs, the time is short and the race very fast. So face reality, overcome your fears, forget about third parties only you are the one who can build your future and own it. And I ask you, is it someone else's fault? Or is it your fault? Until a next post steemians.



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