Our eyes are the reflection of our soul

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Greetings dear community!

For me, a look has thousands of meanings

My lookby @yohannagotopo

A look says it all! If you are happy, in love, sad, anxious, excited, in a few words they give us away. How many times have we not found ourselves in a situation where our looks express something different from what we want to show with our corporal expression? is because the eyes are the window of our soul and therefore can not lie, that is where all the emotions emanate, so if you feel in love or in love with someone with only the look towards that person you will betray you in an instant, your eyes shine and in turn illuminate your face, or the opposite can also happen when not tolerating a person or you can look at them because immediately you feel the repudiation or rejection.

"A look is worth more than a thousand words" and is that through them we can communicate what we want without the need to talk. We use this breast a lot to give messages to our children with our eyes about their behavior, that is, what they can do and what they can not do and it is incredible that (according to the type of communication you have with them) they can understand you , also through the look we can know if the person is lying to us, usually a person who lies will always look for ways to avoid fixing his eyes in a few words, give his face because it will be uncovered by his gaze, that's why is the famous Look at me to know if you're telling me the truth!. What a powerful weapon!

A look can become the most intense as well as the most tender, there are looks that fall in love, those flirtatious eyes, those that show complete devotion, vulnerability as well as those that by their intensity can cause intimidation and even the fear

"In short, our look says it all"

Source Miradas - Axel

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