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Greetings dear community!

Our human nature drives us to find ways to relate to others and every day we meet people who are adding to our lives, some will remain for a long time, others will be temporary, but the most important thing is to learn to identify their way of being and if they really it is convenient for us to have them in our life or better to get away from them, such is the case of the "Toxic People".

It can be said in a general way that a toxic person is one who has the ability to dominate and control others, regardless of their needs and / or feelings, that is, they focus on themselves and it seems that they see other people as tools instead of integral and autonomous beings.
These people easily transmit toxicity and do not allow others to advance, because everything is them, it does not matter anymore, and if they do not advance they do not tolerate that someone else does.


Types of Toxic People

There are several ways to identify toxic people by the following characteristics:
  • They complain about everything: they are not happy with anything, everything seems bad and they always look for the negative side of any situation in order to have a reason to complain. Everything is a problem and their life is a drama, the saddest thing is that they look for the way that another person gives them the reason to complain even more, it is exhausting to be near such a person since their constant negative speeches, projects an energy Nice little around him.
  • They are Victims: they feel, they express that the world is cruel and all people are against them, they also like to call attention and pass themselves off as defenseless with the hope of being saved by someone (a lot of manipulation with compassion) and if try to find a solution or help them find the exit victimize even more trying to convince others that their situation is insurmountable and that for others it is easy to say because they are not in their position.
  • They are saddened by the advances of others: They suffer from envy for the good of others, they do not tolerate that others can move forward and are always prepared to give a sarcastic or ironic speech to hurt others.
  • They do not accept mistakes: they always look for excuses to blame others for any problem and never take responsibility. They also have a judge attitude because they always want to be right. I remember an event that is used as an example, where in a seminar the topic was taken that there are parents whose attitudes are toxic since they release their responsibilities with their children blaming society for their bad acts and do not accept their mistakes by not taking the reins.
  • They criticize everything around: It is impressive the level that these people have, spending much of their time criticizing third parties, so it is not surprising that they do not have the capacity to reflect on themselves.
  • They only matter and nothing more than them: there are people who spend their lives on their own, that is, their own ego. These people are closed to the world, all they do is talk about themselves not interested in the lives of others, these people like to highlight and imply that only they matter.
There is something that all toxic people will never accept and it is the search for the solution of any problem or any situation because their life is based on only complaints, being victims, being self-centered, getting used to it and not knowing how to do another thing, it becomes part of its essence. There are even cases where they have the power to influence others, so if a person feels vulnerable to such a person, even though it sounds cruel, it is better to get away as quickly as possible.
A toxic person has the ability to interpret other people in their environment and know what are their weak points, their easy targets are people with low self-esteem because they are easier to manipulate.

I already identified a toxic person, what should I do?
Speaking at the level of courtship if we identify a person as toxic is better to get away, although it is difficult, since this person will find ways to manipulate to change the essence of the other person, because they usually have the ability to learn which are the weak points of your partner, know what to say, how to say and when to say to influence it, ending thus convincing the other person and little by little will change without realizing it, inevitably the relationship will become unhealthy and even toxic That is why it is better to end evil on time.

If we treat the subject as friendship simply to avoid absorbing that essence that characterizes each one and if there is any sign of vulnerability to get away as much as possible from that person. There is a saying that says "A rotten apple, rot the others" "You do not have to feel guilt to get away from this type of people because we are taking care of our life and our essence".

How to avoid conflict with a toxic person?
Many times it is difficult to get away from such a person, either because it is a family member or it is a relationship that has been going on for a long time, so we have to learn to cope with the situation, some tips that can be useful are the following:
  • Do not give much importance to what these people say or do, so as not to increase their egocentricity or victimization.
  • When they speak or express something negative saying something positive, this causes shock in people like that because what they want is to feed their complaints or their problems and speaking something positive is a habit to which they are not accustomed.
  • Always walk with good humor, with an attitude that problems are not important.
  • Although it is difficult because of the level of manipulation, being indifferent to a negative comment, there is nothing more powerful than indifference.

If I identify that I am a toxic person, how can I overcome that attitude?
Everyone as a person is vulnerable to suffer toxic attitudes at some point in our lives. That is why it is important to know what is failing to accept it mainly and try to overcome it. An example is when there is a same problem that occurs with different people you have to ask yourself if the problem is the other person or me, see what I can do and Overcoming this situation is difficult but it is possible. Because the great thing about the human being is that we have the infinite capacity to create new possibilities in life.
"If the situation is more serious it is better to ask for help before an insurance professional will help."

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