Tourism in Sapanca

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Tourism in Sapanca
Tourism is booming in Sapanca thanks to its many tourist attractions and its rich nature. The few may wonder, where do I go in Sapanca? That is why you will find in that text on Sapanca detailed documentation on tourism and the most famous tourist places, in addition to the most prominent markets of Sapanca.
Sapanca documenting and an overview of it
Sapanca is a city in Sakarya Province in the Marmara region of Turkey next to Lake Sapanca, with an area of ​​280 square kilometers, and its population in 2014 reached about 33,900 people. Tourism in Sapanca has flourished as a reference and has become a tourist target due to its picturesque natural environment and its famous lake in addition to its proximity From Istanbul and Izmit.
Tourist places in Sapanca
Many people are wondering where to go in Sapanca? To answer that question, we will write a detailed documentation on the following about Sapanca to know the best tourist places in it.
Lake Sapanca Gölü
Lake Sapanca is one of the most famous tourist places in Sapanca and therefore it was named after it, which is a freshwater lake, located between the Gulf of Izmit and the Adapazars Plains, with a depth of approximately 52 meters, and an area of ​​about 45 square kilometers, and thus occupies a huge area of ​​the city of Sapanca, which It makes it one of the largest and most beautiful natural lakes near Istanbul, just as it is surrounded by hills and mountains that give it an excellent view.
In addition to the lake’s goodness, a handcraft bazar remains toward Lake Sapanca, and each stage adds a modern thing that fascinates visitors at that headquarters. Once again, a beautiful fountain has been added that runs at sunset with the colorful lights that give it a distinct shape.
From her name you can love her at first sight, it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Sapanca, where it is filled with green spaces and fresh water, and the village of Al-Ma`shouqiya is located on the heels of 20 km from Sapanca, and it is one of the places worth visiting if you are wondering where to go in Sapanca there is 25 A great and small waterfall The sound of their falling mixes with the goodness of nature, making you relax.
You can eat the delicious trout salmon the village is famous for, and many other delicious meals in the popular restaurants there.
You can also do many activities there such as ATV mountain biking, Zipline rope ride, horseback, or visit honey bees, and eat Turkish sweets.
Kartaba Mountain
All the tourist places in Sapanca are distinguished, and Mount Kartaba is distinguished by being one of the snow-capped mountains that you can ski in the winter, as it is filled with trees covered in snow, which gives it a better and luxurious exterior.
Mount Kartba overlooks Sapanca Lake, and is 1,650 meters high. A snowy resort is at its peak providing the necessary ski and snowmobile equipment for tourists wanting more fun.
In summer, the snow melts, and the mountain is covered with beautiful greenery and colorful flowers, making it a beautiful place to spend the summer, relax and inhale the clean wind.
You can climb to the peak of the mountain by cable car or by climbing on foot to ascend the sense of enjoyment and adventure, then eat food in the restaurants located there to recover energy in the wake of this fun adventure again.
The village of Naturkoy
The village of Naturkoy is distinguished by the combination of good mountains and the beauty of nature, especially in the spring and summer seasons. It contains a slim lake that originated from pouring a group of watercourses, just as some domestic animals such as ducks and rabbits remain, which children can play and have fun with, and it is one of the most tourist places in Sapanca can rest and still feel and feel psychological peace in the arms of nature.
The Köprüsü Sangaryas Bridge
It is a Roman bridge on the Sakarya waterway, built of limestone, and was built by the Roman Emperor from the east, Justinian I (527-565 AD) to develop communications between the Constantinople capital and the eastern provinces of his empire. It has reached approximately 430 meters.
Sakarya Forest Nature Park
It is located as a matter of Sapanca and is about 12 kilometers away from Sakarya. It was registered as a natural park in the Ministry of Forestry and Water in 1983 in the same year in which it was opened to the public, and it is considered one of the safest tourist places in Sapanca where security is always present and monitoring occurs via cameras throughout 24 An hour, just as repeated security patrol crews over.
Nearby there is a market, café, restaurant, places for purification for prayer, and special places for women. It is possible to spend the day facing Lake Sapanca in some of the houses in the garden.
Serdivan Park
If you want to visit the markets of Sapanca, Serdivan Park is one of the largest shopping centers in Sakarya, where it remains about 90 stores that cater to the needs of customers in all things, in addition to many restaurants and cafes that you can relax during shopping and eating delicious Turkish food. This arrangement is one of the exciting shopping experiences that you can do during tourism in Sapanca
Stay during tourism in Sapanca
Stay during tourism in Sapanca
There are many hotels that you can stay in during the tourism in Sapanca, and among the hotels that received high ratings from its visitors:
NJ Sapanca Wellness & Convention
Kirkpinar Konaklari
Ogun House Hotel
Lally Hotel
Ugurlopai Dag Otley
Just as you can stay in private villas during tourism in Sapanca and among the villas that have received high ratings:

  • Villa Kirkpinar Sapanca
  • Villa Badah
  • Yannik Villa - Spanak
    Pasha Villas
    My Home Sapanca
    These hotels and villas offer stunning landscapes, some also include a pool for added recreation and enjoyment during your trip.

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