YouTube bans Bitcoin videos again


will it end?

Crypto YouTubers are complaining that their videos are getting strikes even though YouTube said it had no problem with crypto.

Youtube has purged more crypto videos, just weeks after admitting that an algorithmic error caused it to ban many videos and channels. Two more YouTubers have gone to Twitter to complain about further strikes after their channels were brought back to life.

Last month, following a mass deletion of cryptocurrency videos, the crypto community called Youtube out. The platform admitted that the deletions were a mistake, promised to reinstate the videos they removed "in error," and put the entire incident down to a mishap. Now, the same appears to have happened again, and one crypto YouTuber, dubbed That Martini Guy, is calling the platform out.

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I'm glad to see this. The same thing happened to me! I got a strike two days ago on one of my crypto videos. I hope they stop that because I was looking for a Youtube alternative.

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