Photoenigma. Prise 2SBD!!!

2년 전

Hello friends!

Today I want to start a regular competition of riddles with payments the prizes to the winners!

Our lowly prizes is 2 SBD!


Need to guess, what is depicted on this photography


This plant can be found in the latitudes of Ukraine and Russia

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*The 2SBD prize will be paid to the first correct answer in the comments to this post, not waiting for the end of the window of payments for the post!

The prize is guaranteed by @Ukrainian.trail witness

Original Photos & quest by @Dimarss and Sony DSC-W120

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I think it is wild radish. Very lovely petals in the photo.



Yes, you all right!
This is radish from my garden!!!


Whoohoo! Excellent. Almost initially guessed arugula, because it looks so similar, and the flower is the same shape. It was the color of the petals that helped me discern it must be something different.

I have arugula blossoms in my garden right now.


I assumed that the radish can blossom not only in my garden, but I hoped that it would not be recognized so quickly)))

Good harvest!
We also have a green peas season right now))

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Is this Aubrieta ??


Aubrieta - amazing plant!
But not this

Hello ukrainian.trail
this is the flower of Euphrasia Micrantha


Hello @Chaidir082
Unfortunately your answer is not correct((
You can try to guess more

Is that...Eidelweiss?


This is not Eidelweiss
Have another answer?


wild violet?


ok, last try: lilac?


Closely approached, but no))

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