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2년 전


A big greetings to all my dear friends readers, starting a new year and my return to my blog after a time of absence I want to present a new post dedicated to the new goals raised during this new year.

current purpose.

This new year I want to publish things that really are very intriguing where you want to get more information such as stories, stories, events, things that are really feasible for the knowledge of those who would like to read, as well as the day to day with photos and stories of what happened; On the other hand if someone wants to contribute serious help and would be very supportive blog.

This year I learned to trust more in me, to be more secure, not to depend on others and their false words, so much so that I doubt every person who speaks to me through a misfortune that happened but I will be better and I will be better this new year, I also want to be a better citizen of the world where I will contribute the best of myself to help others and not be so malicious; you know how to say good and do not look at who.


We all want to start a new year full of things to do and we hope they are done at the end of the year, here are some tips:

Begin from scratch: So last year was not the best it is good to take a new year as a challenge to meet where the individual is interested in what is raised.

Plan each month as that purpose to be achieved: Very fundamental since it would be the most necessary to do because each month will be a challenge

Ambitions: Purposes, dreams, desires of our being that make us fight until we achieve what is proposed.

Patience: It may not go as you wish but it is good to remember that every day is a new beginning and it would be essential to have a lot of patience
Perseverance: Doing the planned and decaying recall the desire to acquire what is proposed at the beginning of this new challenge.

Enjoy the moment: Be happy, cheerful and live everything you want to do since it encourages you physically and mentally.


In short, that's all I want to contribute for today, I want you to enjoy my words a bit, and you can also follow me and vote for me at @calitoo

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