Enshi, Little Tibet in Hubei

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It is the only minority autonomous prefecture in Hubei--Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture.

Go to Enshi carefully and you will find that it is not like the human world, which is obviously a worldly wonderland. A paradise!

The most beautiful wonderland

Open the lungs journey

Enshi Grand Canyon

The first thing to come to Enshi is to see See the Enshi Grand Canyon in the dream. The beauty of the Enshi Grand Canyon can be felt without looking at the photos. This is a place that is comparable to the Colorado Grand Canyon in the United States and will surprise you.

It is the most beautiful section of the Qingjiang River Basin. It is not only famous in China, but also the most beautiful in the world. One of the canyons, as far as the way of excursions, is to make people's heart beat faster.

The courage is too small to dare to walk the stairs, you can also take the "ground stitching sightseeing ladder", or "China's longest sightseeing elevator", Either way, it will give you a stunning view.

It is surrounded by clear water and green hills. The Enshi Grand Canyon has contracted all the green. On the blue waters of the boat, people are in the middle of the painting. The water here is crystal clear and does not require PS for every photo.

Hefeng Pingshan Canyon

A lot of people know Enshi for the first time, perhaps because - Pingshan Canyon! That clear and mirror-like river, like jasper jade, is like a mirror in the mirror, beautiful to suffocate, beautiful to no friends!

On the river, there will be the illusion of floating and floating, just like coming to the mysterious and quiet paradise! It was once known as China's "Senbenna"!

Pingshan Gorge is located in Hefeng County of Enshi, adjacent to Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province. It is one of the birthplaces of Pakistani culture. This place has fresh air, clear rivers and high forest coverage. It is definitely a natural oxygen bar for leisure and health.

The Moon Bridge is the most beautiful place in the entire Pingshan Canyon. The water is crystal clear and the mirror is clear. The whole water surface is green. Cui, bright as jade. Because the water is too clear, it is difficult to visually check the depth of the river. Don't go into the water without the experience of wading upstream.


Qiyueshan is the largest mountain pasture in southern China There is a rare grassland scenery in the south, and there is an exotic scenery everywhere. It is praised as "Chinese Alps".

In summer, it is a natural summer resort, green grass, cattle and sheep in groups, like in the middle of it In the Swiss countryside.

Pingba Camp

Pingba Camp is known as " Hubei Daxing'anling", the forest coverage rate here reaches 96%, the mountains are ridges, the gullies are vertical and horizontal, the caves are complicated, and the negative oxygen ion content is extremely high, which is one of the best summer oxygen-absorbing holy places in summer.

Walk into it, as if stepping into the fairy tale world, there is a unique hanging cabin in the forest, you can Stay here and share romance with your loved ones.

Lion off the waterway

In the deep mountain canyon of Xuan'en County, Enshi Prefecture, there is a place where the mountains and rivers are called the Lions Gate. There is a section here. The 500-meter-long “water plank road” runs through the turquoise waters. It has a poetic name called “The Bridges of the Bridges”, and is called the most beautiful floating “waterway in Hubei”< Strong>.

Walk on this wooden slab bridge, like Lingbo microsteps between mountains and rivers, green mountains and green waters, It’s so pleasing to be self-satisfied!

Search for the remains of the Tusi City Feel the Tujia customs culture

Enshi Tusi City

Enshi Tusi City is China's new World Heritage. It is currently the most well-preserved Tujia kings in the country and has the reputation of "China Tujia First City".

The continuous Tujia city wall reveals the quaint taste and faintly tells the story of the fate of the Tujia people for centuries.

Enshi Tusi City is built on the hillside, located in the urban area, designed by the Suzhou Garden Design Institute, yet without losing the atmosphere The exquisitely carved pavilions are undoubtedly not showing the wisdom of the Tujia people.

Come here can't just take a walk, but also take a look, listen, warm and hospitable Tujia people's meeting With beautiful songs and beautiful dances, you can forget the troubles of life.

These are basically impossible to see in normal times, but they can be used in Enshi Culture, you will find it very interesting.


< p>Pengjiazhai is “Hubei Tujia First Village”, Although there are only 45 households in the village, it is a good place with beautiful scenery and outstanding people. There are green grass everywhere, lush forests, exquisite and simple hanging feet, built on the mountain, with water, everywhere They all exude the simplicity of the mountains.

Deep into nature

Live like a local /strong>

Wujiatai Village

Wujiatai Village is famous for its tea fragrance, but If you come here, you will find that its rural scenery is as beautiful as it is, and the sunset is accompanied by tea, which seems to have become more charming.

You can also take up the samovar and go with the villagers to pick tea, feel the big The natural pastoral style, there is no city noisy here, only the refreshing tea and the beauty of the distance.

Of course these are just the masterpieces of Enshi

and the beauty hidden in the secrets is not limited to these p>

This requires you to explore one by one.

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