Bonos Feelings Toward Sweden And Genocide


Here is Bono expressing his hatred for the Swedish who have had enough of immigration,who just want to feel safe in there own country without been raped,tortured or murdered.But Bono is an Irish jew so he doesn't care for all that he is a globalist and believes in no border control, so the NWO can bomb and steal these other countries and make everything easier to control for the rich.The Jews have always had a deep hatred for blonde people ,i don't know if you have noticed but you will never see a natural blonde on tv they always have black eye brows even the little kids .thats because 96% of the media is owned by jews,In this video Bono describes blonde blue eyed people as boring.Thats racist.

This video shows that all of your money ,that you donate to Bono to help the starving to death people and little babies in Africa,that only 1% goes to them, the rest is pocketed by Bono and others,no wonder like the Queen he is one of the richest men in the world,he also avoids taxes ,that wouldn't be difficult to do as he is friends with all of the evil bent politicians.There is no doubt Bono is guilty of genocide ,he is truly evil and knows what a painful and slow death dying of hunger is.He is not there to entertain he is a puppet for the rich and powerful to do there dirty work. i like some of his old songs but i never bought any of his records ,i always taped or recorded my music.It takes more than one person to make a record.Bono has no feelings only feelings for himself.When i mention jews i mean elite jews as we know not all jews are like that.

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