A good friend is worth more than gold

2년 전

My friend @elechichinyere came visiting. She took a break from her primary place of assignment in edo state and it's been a wonderful time with her just like the times we spent together while in school.

It's a fantastic thing to have a friend with similar views and likes.

Never trade a true friend for anything in the world.

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A true friend is very hard to come by nowadays, if you have one or lucky enough to have more than one cherish it and remain loyal it’s a beautiful thing in these not so beautiful times . Thanks for your content 😁

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True friends are better than wrappers
Good friends are better than evil bloodline
Oh my friend , I’d never trade you for nothing in this world. I’ve traveled far and wide but no one understands me like you do, no one sees the stardom in me like you do.
You’ve been my companion, my adviser, my therapist, my inspiration and to mention but a few. I’m glad I have you and I know you’re glad to have me My amazing friend.

Dedicated to a special friend like a guardian angel, a friend and a mentor