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Hi Guys,

This is a short call to action for all of you entrepreneurs and business people out there who are keen to learn and share in the entrepreneurial journey.

If this sounds like you, could you please take 5 minutes of your time to fill out the survey below?

This will allow me to make sure that I am providing the best content with the most value for you.

Much appreciated guys.

Take care,


Alan Brannigan
Husband, Father, CEO, Entrepreneur, Tech-Geek, Crypto Enthusiast, Believer in Freedom and Liberty

Steemit - @nalabra

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I filled it out. Do you do live videos?


Hi @mysearchisover, thanks for filling out the survey. I haven't done any live videos yet but it is something I'm considering. I take it that you prefer that format?


I guess only gamers do the live videos for some reason. I think it would be cool to see something different even if only for experimentation purposes. I think it's cool to try out new things once in a while. I generally also prefer Youtube videos to Dlive and Dtube.

Done. Nice to learn how to launch a survey. Learned with you.

I have done bro


Thanks @abdul766, much appreciated.

Done brother


Thanks @cleberon, much appreciated!


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Thanks @tutchpa, much appreciated!

Thank you for conducting this survey to understand more about your audience in order to create better content! appreciate it brother!


Thanks @darrylnyk, I look forward to chatting with you in Discord soon!

Hello Nalabra,
I am new to the system, have up voted you. Please guide what needs to be done. Amal


Hi @akroy11, welcome to Steemit! Is there anything specific I can help you with?


Thanks for your help, can you suggest where should I begin as a new comer to steemit.

done filling the survey OKK


Thanks @rakesh33, much appreciated!

Done it bro....please let me know if I may help you any how in this regards


thanks @prdmaster. All continued feedback would be most useful.

Just filled out these points. Took me two minutes. Will you share the results of your survey with us?


Thanks @cryptographix much appreciated. I will share the results next week. Cheers

I'm very much impressed your style Nalabra, I love to connect with you! Thanks


You are welcome and great to connect with you

done filling the survey now plz can you follow me on steemit @nalabra


Thank you @razadilberkhan. I've followed you.

go to the animal shelter, get a cat or rabbit, put it over the microphone so that the wind makes no noise


Thanks for the tip @a030201010203. I actually have a Rode Dead Cat Wind Muff for the mic but forgot to bring it with me yesterday!

done.friend we are always at your side.

i filled out brother .

Done, Survey form has done.


Thanks @atulsinghchauhan, much appreciated.



Thanks @ngothachhuy, much appreciated!

@nalabra will surely fill out this survey.


Thanks @kmayegaindia, much appreciated.

done all


Thank you for taking the time to fill this out @rehan12092786

Done @nalabra hope you find it useful.


Thanks @jeevanjot, it is most useful. Much appreciated.

We are with you sir

hey @nalabra i follow and upvote you iam new on steemit i introduce my check it out

Thank you so much. This is pretty cool!!

Hi, I am colorme from VietNam. I am new on Steemit.
Please watch the Video: I want to share with you about "Vietnamese unique and delicious food"

I have given you an upvote. Please, you also give me upvote. THANK YOU....!

Dear friend, I have filled your survey form.

Bro I am not business owner still I can fill this survey ??????


Hi @online87700, of course! All feedback is welcome 😉

I want to greet you with a rose flower, I can learn new things every day through your writing. There are many new information inside your writing. Thank you very much for this.

Yes brother. why not.
I will fill

Hi nalabra, will fill it out. As a fellow crypto enthusiast/ investor I created a website that uses the steemit community to collect answers on questions that defines what a crypto is about.
This way, grading becomes possible using benchmarks, written on the steemit blockchain. I am looking for someone with entrepeneurial skills to see how to take this forward, ie I need to figure out how to make the website more accessible and understandable, the long term plan is to make the most comprehensive ranking website for crypto based on as much properties as is feasible.

If you are interested let me know 😄


Hi @oudekaas, feel free to email me some more info at and I'll see if I can be of any help to you.


Hi nalabra, did you receive my email? Probably made a bit too long to read in my enthusiasm hehe

buena informacion amigo me motivo bastante