Entrepreneurs Need A Media Company Mentality


What a remarkable time to be in business for ourselves. Social media has changed the game for some many of us. The opportunities are endless and potential is around every corner...

However I'm about to be the bearer of bad news...

The world doesn't need...

Another widget marketed to us ad nauseam!

The big promise that 'Company X' has the best product ever created and it'll change the world once their customers try it....

Been there, done that and got the t-shirt!

The problem with business is that we tend to fling money at the problem, thinking that if we present our offers to enough people, we'll make more money. And of course, that requires big capital, big budgets and a whole lot of pitching...

Here's what I have been learning lately, as entrepreneurs we need to stop trying to 'tell' the world we have the best new widget on the market...Instead we need to show potential customers our awesome widget through....

Our social media content.

Un-popular opinion - Everyone in business should develop a 'media company mentality!'



You see, we have at our disposal, some of the greatest forms of 'advertising' in history...Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and yes... Some apps on Steem as well.

Social media allows us to SHOW rather than tell. We build relationships with our followers, and with our tribes! They get to know us as brands and in some cases, even as everyday people...Our entire marketing strategy should be focused on that simple fact...

Social media is filled with people, and people LOVE to buy things...But hate to be 'sold'. (That's a Jeffrey Gitomer quote, you should read his books...He's awesome!)

So back to Company X....

Company X has a fantastic new widget that they are bringing to market. Company X doesn't want to just shoot ads on some banners and maybe a TV spot or two...Instead, they want to focus on the people. The relationships...

They set up a campaign where they create content for their customers...Using the social media platforms that fit their marketing strategy.

They develop eye catching graphics for Pinterest. They produce some quality video spots to run on YouTube and Instagram. Their team also puts together a fancy 'ask me anything' campaign for Facebook and Twitter.

Company X has become a media company.

Their job is to SHOW their potential customers how amazing 'Their Widget' is...By using and leveraging all the amazing tools at their disposal...

This is a fundamental shift in thinking when it comes to marketing strategy...We develop the media and WE put it to market...

This PULLS people to us without ever pitching or hard selling a thing.

To me, this is the way business should be run now and in the future. Putting the focus on people and developing those relationships through engaging content that again, pulls people to our 'widget'. Not forcing it down their throat...

On top of all that, the more content we create, the more we become 'top of mind' to our potential customers.

That's just a win-win all around....

What are your thoughts on developing a 'media company mentality'?


The Union Is Here!

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That is exactly what we should be doing @jongolson, it doesn't matter how good a salesperson is, ultimately every customer sells it to themselves in the end, and for their own reasons, so instead of telling them what to do it's important to show them that this works for us, maybe you can give it a try, it's awesome.

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Really well said Jon!

Push marketing might have worked years ago, but people have developed a resistance to it. Now they will go to the ones who show they care about them.


Absolutely...And the more people feel appreciated and there is a mutual level of respect, business opens up

What do I look for from Company X? I have become that person Jon describes over the years. For me now it is service, service, service and that I made to feel like I matter to the company. And Jon does that for me with CTP!



Appreciated man, thanks very much for the kind words :)


service, service, service, it's just like that my friend.

Hi @jongolson

I just watched tribe talk by @pennsif and I've heard you talking. good stuff.

It brought me to your publication (upvoted already).

ps. I also just learned about CTP. Is it your project?



Yessir....Well, https://www.clicktrackprofit.com is mine...

@ClickTrackProfit 'the tribe' - is everyone's ;)

It's me one more time @jongolson

To me, this is the way business should be run now and in the future. Putting the focus on people and developing those relationships through engaging content that again, pulls people to our 'widget'. Not forcing it down their throat...

You nailed it. I really like your way of thinking.

Perhaps you could have a look at project I'm working on with several steemit users: www.projecthope.pl (@project.hope on steemit). I think we could potentially find ways of helping each other to grow and who knows, perhaps we would find ways to collaborate on more professional level.

We do share similar values and similar way of thinking, and that's already a great start.



Appreciate that man, I'll take a look!

be creative is the answer to keep the globe rolling


For sure :)

one thing i suggest to everybody, doesn't mater what rol are you developing is to set your mision, vision an values, and meditate about it all the time, make art with it too, that would put you on a good motion, "Tú eres tú empresa"

well said @jongolson. Affiliate marketing has become the best source of income nowadays instead of relying on Adsense and alternatives. This is what I am also using at https://www.awareshala.com/ and https://www.jmihelp.com/