It was a good run Eobot!

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I've been using Eobot for a few years now, and I've definitely turned a profit off of it's service many times. I remember the days of stockpiling Reddcoin and Bytecoin like crazy!

The looks I'd get when I'd tell people who don't Crypto how much I made off of cloud mining a coin that was worth 1 Satoshi (RDD), well, they thought I was losing my mind!

I remember when Ethereum was on the rise, and when Lisk was just added.

Hell, I clicked on malware infested faucets for months just to get enough Satoshi to rent some hashing power!

Back then Eobot was pretty chaotic, but that chaos had a lot of potential and was quite thrilling to take part in, even if I did come out short on a few transactions.

Overall, I've made a pretty penny off of Eobot. I miss the quicker turnover, and don't really have the patience for it anymore. I wish you luck Eobot, but I'm out


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Never managed to get into Eobot... but that was mostly because I live in a "forbidden" area (Washington state) and I didn't feel like going to the trouble of setting up a proxy. But I understand some people did OK....


Yeah it was pretty fun

Cloud mining is a fantastic concept, as not everyone is ready to pay the power bill that comes with having your own Antminer.

I'm not entirely sure what other alternatives there are for cloud mining, but Eobot definitely isn't holding my attention anymore


Genesis-Mining are trust worthy and prompt.
I have taken 300$ contract of X11 - to mine DASH - 9000MH/s. After maintainence fees, I am getting more than $1 worth of coins every day. This runs for 2 years, so effectively more than double the investment.
Note that currently coin prices are low. Daily maintenance is adjusted before giving the daily output, so if the coin price is high, maintenance (in USD) will be lower in terms of Dash. So expecting a significantly higher profit if the coin value increases.
You can use the promo-code of PXosrj for getting a 3% off of any contract. Any other mining code offering more discount is a fake propaganda.
Even recently, Hashflare contracts were cancelled due to low outputs (restore again after few weeks) but Genesis outputs have been consistent.
During April2018 to June2018, XMR contract output were very low in Genesis-mining. This was due to the fork of Cryptonight V1 algorithm. After the shift to the new algorithm, the outputs have regained in strength and genesis-mining has also given 3 months extension to all the existing XMR contracts to cover the losses for that period.

Please let me know in the comments if you use my code, I will use your code in my next purchase(of course - share your code in the comments).


Interesting, I'll have to go look them up. Thanks for the lead

I guessing it was good,for the ones that get early in game.Im still there,but just for fun,there is no profit there anymore.


I felt like a took a hit when they did the switch from S7 Antminers to S9 Antminers. A little over a year ago I think it was?

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