[Beyondbits & EOSBits Inside] "Eth Killed by Kittens?" DPOS Meme Challenge (250 $BD in Rewards!)

2년 전

Here's me memes...


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Lololol...I read about scaling issues 6 months ago and now we all can see the meow.... tip! 1.0

  ·  2년 전

Sorry, the tip is higher then your deposit.
You can check your balance by sending 0.001 SBD to @tipu with memo: balance
(the minimal tip is 0.1 SBD)


tip! 1.00


Quick, find the ETH litter box! LOL
Thanks for the reply


Blast it I just gave myself a sbd...dang it! hahaha yeah, litter box, now I just have to figure out this tipping bot. tip! 1.00


@reddust Thanks for the tip BTW! Very appreciated!

This is funny . thanks for sharing
Have a nice day

nice funny for cat gif file
100% like and resteem

Cats are too funny

Hey man, long time no see!

Thanks for the laugh


Hey there! Yes, lol, it's been a minute and couldn't resist jumping in on the ETH meme.
I've finally made some life changes, so hope to be more active in the near future! Talk again soon!