pEOS staking on shows you profits from staking pEOS which pays out dividends from people paying pEOS for private pEOS transactions

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photo_20191018_083522.jpg now shows the staking of pEOS privacy EOS token which pays dividends when you stakeit, profits from people paying pEOS to get private transactions. THIS is why some callpEOS the real deflationary EOS coin not SOV, and that pEOS will endup eating away so much pEOS from private transactions. I dont know if its deflationary but they make a good case, and I love the mechanism that allows youto get a cut of the privacy transactions by stakingit.

pEOS trades on Steem Engine (usually cheaper than newdex so much that its an amazing arbitrage opportunity or will eb when we have private pEOS withdraws on @privex maybe next year? Who knows but @someguy123 may wantto look at pEOS for private withdraws , because if you use @steemanon and pEOS to do a withdraw, then it would be private, even if steem is public. But I know someguy123 is busy and Id want him to look at TELOS first before pEOS privacy transactions BUT he is all about privacy ;)

1 pEOSp to anyone who comes to pEOS discord!

pEOS official website https://pEOS.omc

Our community pEOS website

peos telegram where you also getr 1 pEOS forposting a pEOS meme OR just say your from steem ill tip ya! or

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