Everipedia announced using EOS platform?!!!

2년 전
in eos

Hey everyone!

@Takashi Yanagi from within the Telegram- EOS Traders Group, had linked a Coindesk.com article citing Dr. Larry Sander, Co-Founder of Wikipedia and joint venture start up of Everipedia; announced their intent to implement Everipedia onto the EOS block chain.
Is this just ONE of the many "Big" players joining EOS which @block.one mentioned earlier?!!

Here's a link to the article...


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This is great news. I believe that we need more EOS partnerships. This is just a start and we should see EOS ramping up fast now that Dawn 2.0 is up.

Awesome !!! Great news 😊

i just come accross this great content and was like, wow what was i doing since and trying to miss such info. nice post @ajvest