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Aloha, friends! In an effort to surface more objective network and block producer data, we are pleased to announce our new tool, EOS Block Producer Reliability Tracker - https://www.alohaeos.com/tools/reliability. The purpose of the tracker is to help gauge overall network and individual block producer reliability by tracking Rounds Missed, Round Availability, and Round Recovery.

Helpful definitions:
  • A Round Missed is a block producer missing 12 blocks in a row over a 6 second period, which is the total amount of time before production got handed off to the next block producer.

  • Round Availability is the number of rounds completed as a percentage of rounds scheduled.

  • Round Recovery is the average number of rounds that pass from the time a round is missed by the block producer to when they successfully produced again. For example, if a block producer misses a round but then produces on the very next round, their round recovery value would be 1.

For example, in the picture below, we used the tool to sort by Round Availability:

One may be tempted to focus on when a block producer misses blocks, however missing entire rounds is a better marker for reliability. A block producer can miss blocks, for example, due to issues with the block producers before or after them. If a block producer misses an entire round, they are likely experiencing issues.

Another important metric to track is how long it takes for each of the block producers to recover on average (measured in rounds). A round recovery time of 1 is very good. It indicates the block producer most likely has automated failover configurations in place.

Keep in mind that you should consider not just a block producer's availability and recovery time, but also how long they've been producing. For example, when comparing the statistics for a block producer that has 100% availability, but was only in the top 21 briefly, their metrics may not be as significant as the availability of one that has been producing for a longer time.

We at Aloha EOS hope you find this tool useful. We’ll continue to focus on producing high-quality tools such as this tracker, that provide benefit to block producers and ultimately the EOS community at large. If you appreciate what we’re doing, we would welcome a vote cast in our direction (alohoaeosprod) for block production.

If you would like to discuss this tool or provide any feedback, please don’t hesitate to join the conversation in our Telegram channel.

Until next time, mahalo!



朋友们大家好! 为了让大家可以更客观的看到EOS网络和区块生产者的数据,我们很高兴宣布Aloha EOS的最新工具:区块生产者可靠性跟踪器 - https://www.alohaeos.com/tools/reliability。 跟踪器的目的是通过跟踪错过的轮次,轮次可生产性和轮次恢复生产状态来帮助大家评估EOS区块生者的可靠性。


  • 错过的轮次 是指区块生者在6秒内连续错过12个区块,这是交给下一个区块生产者之前的区块生产总时间。
  • 轮次可生产性 是指已完成给安排轮数的百分比。
  • 轮次恢复生产状态 是指区块生产者错过一轮到再次成功生产区块之前的平均轮数。 例如,一个区块生产者错过了一轮但在下一轮开始时又成功生产区块,那么它们的轮次追回值将为1。


人们可能会倾向于关注区块生产者何时错过区块,但是错过整个轮次是更可靠的指标。 例如,由于区块生产者之前或之后生产者的问题,可能会导致他们错过区块。 如果一个区块生产者错过了整个轮次,他们可能碰到了技术上的问题。

另一个重要指标是每个区块生产者平均需要多长时间才能恢复生产状态(以轮次为单位)。 平均恢复时间为1是非常好的,它代表区块生产者很可能具有自动故障修复功能。

在做评估时,大家不仅需要考虑区块生产者的可生产性和恢复时间,还应考虑它们已为EOS网络生产区块有多少时间。例如,在相比两个区块生产者的数据时,其中一个可能100%的时间都在可生产区块状态下,但只在很短的时间内出现在前21名。 在这种情况下,他们的可生产区块状态就没有那些有接近100%的时间在可生产区块状态并且生产区块时间更长的区块生产者那么重要了。

Aloha EOS希望这款工具能对您非常有用。 我们将继续专注于推出高质量的工具,例如这款跟踪器。我们希望可以为区块生产者带来更多便利也最终为整个EOS社区带来好处。 如果您喜欢我们正在做的事情,我们希望您能为我们的节点投上您宝贵的一票!(alohoaeosprod)



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