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EOS is currently the #11 coin with a $4.5BN market cap, at $8.40 and approaching $9. When will EOS hit $10? It's not even a question of IF, but WHEN. EOS is one of the few coins I've been really looking at lately. PLEASE INVEST WISELY THOUGH AND DO YOUR CAREFUL RESEARCH!! GETTING THIS COIN WAS SO PAINFUL THROUGH THE EXCHANGES lol

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The entire sector is off the hook! I've given up trying to explain it and just jumped in with both feet!

I am a long term hodler of eos. I love @dan because he sees the big picture and wants to #buildfreedom. EOS is going to make me a bit of money, whatever... EOS is going to change the f*ck'n world boys!


woot woot!! Still funny seeing someone else use the #buildfreedom tag. EOS BABY!!


dilli dilli


I am also a long term hodler of eos. I love it. Have you heard bitfinex is going to build a decentralized exchange on eos? Imagine that kind of bandwidth that will take! I wonder how many eos tokens they will have to buy or lease to run a dApp like that?? Great news for us eos believers!!

I have been telling people to buy long time ago, nobody would listen. Even myself did not listen, wish I accumulated more EOS. Sold 50% and got my investment back, still holding 50%. Won't even think about selling before EOS reaches at least 20$ per coin.


It hit $21 just a few days ago... If you are like me I bet you are still hodling :) I keep telling my wife I will sell when it hits $1000. Sounds crazy I know, but hey - it costs me nothing to hodl. Who knows what the future brings, but I have a feeling our less than sound financial system will hit some serious turbulence and when it does I think $$ will flow into cryptos and the more traditional safe havens like gold. The whole crypto space is in its infancy. Could eos someday have a trillion market cap? I think so. Look at the derivative market it is supposedly in the Quadrillions of $$. Anyway... If anything I will keep buying - even at $20... Hodl Baby!!!


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Does EOS developed it's own wallet yet? Still ICO?


It's still an ICO, no official wallet yet. But you can hold the token in Exodus Wallet or Myetherwallet. Just make sure you map the public key to your etherium wallet address by the end of the ICO sale or your coins go bye bye.

Is going to the moon :)

I freaking love EOS! I have a really good friend in Canada that got in on day one of distribution. ; ) He really wishes he'd bought more.

It's super crazy how it keeps on going up !


@sbrys if you look at the value the eos represents as an operating system then it is not crazy at all it is crazy we can still get it at $8 that is what is crazy. I am using my mining rigs to get ETH and buying EOS with that for the next 6 months so what ever the price goes to that is what it is. I see it as the ticket to the worlds biggest fastest blockchain operating system and the tokens that are built on that system will all need EOS to operate. I wish I would have understood what it was when I first saw it and the price was under $1 Oh well It is still a super deal at $100 so I will just keep adding to my collection.


I agree with you if they succeed but today it's maybe too early for this price. Anyway I made good money with EOS :)


eos.io is funding development of projects to run on eos with the moneys raised from the distribution of the coin imagine when 1000 projects launch on the system what the price of eos will go to. I think we are way under value right now and that it is still a great time to buy.


Time will tell but at the moment we have to stay realistic. There are very spectacular promises that need to be kept. Also total crypto market could burst. To be short I think price is fair atm potential/risk wise :)


Bet you wish you would have hodl'd!!


Off course but after a run from 0.5 to 8 you also have to be wise and responsible :) To be honest I still stand by my initial comment. All is still to prove for EOS.

FOMO'd the ATH at $6.00, I think EOS will be massive in 2018. The fact Everipedia & Wikipedia cofounder are building on EOS got me really excited about this project.

Getting this was such a pain in the ass


Freewallet and shapeshift. Took me five minutes


If you have not registered your key pair within 48hrs of the ICO ending you will lose all your tokens.


I purchased eos tokens, what is a key pair and can you explain further?


the ico ends next june 2018 so you have time go to eos.io and you can find out about paring the token so that when they go live with the eos blockchain you will have the tokens on that chain. They have all the info on there site on how to do it.

if you are outside of the usa you can go to eos.io and participate in the daily distribution till the end of the distribution summer 2018. I use shapeshift with the exodus wallet and bought them at $3.20 and then they took them off line when the cryptoKitties ate up the mem pool of ETH and now that has chilled out and they are open for shapeshifting again. I think Exodus is working on registering the eos to there blockchain if not you will have to go to eos.io and read about how to register your tokens. @avilsd really nice intro graphic and cool video sorry to hear of your issues getting the coin is good to know the demand is crashing the main exchanges I guess that is why the price of bitshares is going so high they are the only ones you can keep buying on when all the central exchanges go down.

Is EOS still the 'Ethereum Killer?' It's looking like it's making a move.


I think ETH has it's place but if you want free transactions and a friction-less system with bandwidth then EOS is the best choice. I think the games and dapps that will be built on EOS have the advantage that steem has speed and free transactions. EOS takes it to the next step by using the coin to secure the network to run the dapps on. This allows anyone with a good idea to get some EOS delegated to them to run the dapp if they decide to create a token to reward there users or use it as a token for some other blockchain function they can give the one delegating EOS some of there token for delegating the bandwidth to them in the form of the EOS the same way that we are sponsoring utopian.io with our steem power if Utopian decides to make a SMT on steem next year they could reward the sponsors with a drop of those coins as a thank you. On EOS we as holders of EOS are presented with this kinds of DPOS rewards. I think most people have not put this together yet. When they do the price will go up even more.

Where can you buy EOS ?


bitfinex, kraken, okgo

  ·  3년 전

get a bitshares account and you can trade for it on there.


Just look on coinmarketcap and click the 'markets' tab for eos and it will list all of the exchanges that it is traded on. OR buy the ERC20 token through the token sale which can be found at eos.io (you'll need ETH for that)


kraken trades it

Also, you can exchange BTC in your Exodus wallet. Either way you need BTC to buy it so your get hit with all the fees.


exodus. you must trade for it


binance exchange also have it


Disregard the other info about exchanges. Binance is the best exchange to buy EOS.


STOP... You should buy EOS by contributing ETH to the ICO at EOS.io this is the best way to know you will be able to keep your tokens after the ICO ends.

I've been holding EOS ever since a few weeks after it hit exchanges. Always knew it was one of those 'buy it and just forget about it for a while' coins. Didn't want to risk missing the train, so I bought before the dip. But no matter, I am in the heavy profits now!

I will be holding my EOS for atleast another year, probably two.


Hopefully it keeps rising :D

I am looking for c++ coders to create a nifty dapp on eos. interested persons can email awoo@wolf.social ;)

8 dollars with just the testnet released! Imagine when the project go live!


When does the project go live?


June 2018 is when it goes live check out eos.io

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Proud to have it as my first ICO back in June. I really like EOS. Congrats to hodlers.

Hi, thanks for the reference. A few days ago you were evaluating buying and I am already determined to invest. I trust that it will continue rising.

I actually saw this coming! The media riding up to this rise has been promising! The most successful cryptographers always research and project!

What do you guys think about verge, a similar coin that allows you to be fully invisible. Just like Zcash. Is there as much potentional, I just bought 6500 coins today for 102 Euro.


Verge has some solid potential. Still very much below radar


I think I made a good point here :)

like your post but need to know more about the it

Cool post bro ^^

Amazing ico! :)

I'm currently new to crypto trading (spent my first six months building up sp) and I'm happy to play around with any coin just to practice and learn, but in the long run I'd like to support coins that won't only make me money but that have some ethics and vision behind them. I was rushing to buy eos a few days ago before it hit $5....got it a little late at $6 but I'm pleased that half of my tiny non steem portfolio is eos :-)

Very new to crypto, and can only invest is three currencies. May need to look into this further. I'm see the alt coins making huge gains!

Thanks for the EOS update. The numbers are looking good.

What's your favourite thing about EOS?

This cryptocurrency is one that I actually believe that it will rise quite extreme, as EOS has a lot of new feature. But you know mate Deeponion is better (Just kidding mate, I just wanted to joke about it as I know you are probably still getting spammed with it). Resteemed and upvoted!

I am very astonished..what is happening in crypto currency market

impressive man.....go through

I cant get enough crypto. Litecoin made a dip should we buy?!?

I read about EOS ico while ago. Can anyone guide me about EOS?

You could just use Binance. Problems solved.


Are you satisfied with Binance stellabelle? I'd rather go with kraken. But I'm still waiting for their verification for now. Binance seems scammy, a lot of people told me it's not trustworthy at all, and it's not so user-friendly, very complicated to trade on it, there's an alternative "binance" money that is proposed to do the trades, it doesn't seem really safe at all, I tried it.
As for EOS, this is one of the interesting altcoin gambles I would surely make along with Iota, Lisk, Electroneum and Ripple, hopefully one of them will burst out at a point in 2018, they are all promising, for different kinds of reasons.

Good good good post

One of the best fundamentals out there for the token

So regret that I did not buy it!


Still Buy it, whats the worst that can happen, its only money.

@avilsd - Good post on EOS. Meanwhile check out the rise of another upcoming crypto project called TRON - I just wrote about it here https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@roji.abraham/300-in-less-than-3-days-is-tron-the-dark-horse-that-could-upset-a-few-bets-in-the-crypto-world - TRON has risen over 500% in a week.

Took the advice of @gregm and bought into eos. I had 1000 steem at the time, sold half and bought 870 eos at $.67. Just a couple weeks ago sold off 250 eos and bought back most of the steem I sold and also bought 4.5 Million kin. My brother in law is the brains behind all my buys in crypto, but using the steem to buy eos was my 💡. Good luck all.

Congratulations @avilsd!
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EOS, STEEM and BTS. Anything Dan Larimer works on goes up.

Bittrex has been a pain! Used Binance to buy more yesterday did not have any problems with that

Great post! I'm hugely invested into EOS and firmly believe they are going to deliver on the proposals in their white paper. Larimer is a legend and they've got a dream team of crypto folk driving the project. Awesome post and will up vote and follow.

Be careful the amount of ETH that is being invested in the day is outdated, according to the page for delays in transactions!
You think that the EOS of the day will be distributed in 3000 or 4000 ETH and then it turns out that there were 20000ETH

Argento (traducido por google)

Well, time to get a share! Thanks for the info!


Do not let fear through... that thing will keep skyrocketing!

erfffff want eos!!!

Ethereum is afraid ☺

My upvote incresed your profit by $3.26 =D

Can some of the crypto traders that follow the markets please speculate at where they see EOS going (price) and in what time frame? Will EOS ever be as valuable as BTC?

I'm kicking myself for selling my EOS about a month ago for some measly pocket change : (

the growth of the crypto currency is inevitable, this happens with the growth of people's interest, and the interest grows with each passing day, this we see, спасибо

Thanks for the info on EOS. Doing some study now on how it can disrupt Ethereum as its competitor.