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I warned people long before the globalist CIRCLE buyout of Polo last year stuff like this was coming, with their crappy C/S, over the top rules tied to regulation, etc etc.

I pulled all my funds off there long ago but I am not here to lecture anyone, honestly, most likely if you have any funds on there, just login and get them off and share this post / news with anyone - anywhere --- it will be a miracle if your account or theirs, is not already frozen to some extent.

Consider using @blocktrades exchange on here or look at the #bitshares community for the #DEX / Decentralized Exchange options, I have blogged lots on these 2 things.

Omar Bham aka @crypt0 did a short 3 min video on this, search that our / use my search string below for resources on this.

Act NOW!!!

Search Result String to Help You with This

Your Friend in Liberty...

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Great post and info as always!

You scared me. 😳


Looks like my account was verified "enough".

Thanks for sharing i will check my account now

Yup!! Frozen Solid. All I can access is the profile page to verify. Luckily, I had no funds in there. But if I did, I'd be rather pissed of right now that I couldn't access anything.

Edit: I also noticed you can't even open their terms of service. I'm not sure how I can agree with them to start the verification if I can't read them.


Well said...... UV that comment!!!

Wow, that's terrible news. I have heard so much bad stuff about Polo, so I'm glad I never even tried it out.

I just visited the poloniex site, and indeed I was called a "legacy accout". So to solve it i gave them my name, address, passport copy, full face photo, and penis length and they verified me within 2 minutes. Discovered that I had $2 with them that I will now start trading.

Just for info, they do not allow withdrawals of fiat currency and they say their steem wallet is broken.

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 00.39.11.png

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 00.39.30.png


Well said, also.


OMG! My acc is 80% verifid. Will it be freezed.Rest 20% is pending though i have uploaded my docs.


Stay on this and on them!!!!

Thanks so much for this post. I am resteeming right away!


NP, thanks for letting others know.

I a great your news.. very useful

If understand it right the EU GDPR enables the users to get detailed info on what data is stored about them, and how it is processed and shared with other parties. When leaving Polo (if you don't have any funds there), you can order them to delete all data they have on you (if you're a citizen of a European country that's a member of the EU).

too late, my account was frozen and I lost all of my funds loool :(


I'm sorry to hear about your loss :(

Oh Man it won't let me upload identification when I click Start ID verification the sceen does nothing there is no upload window or anything...
What can I do? Should I try on a different computer?

I tried a few different ID pictures and face pictures and it went through yet my account is still frozen... I hope all this gets sorted out looks like I will have to contact customer support today...
I used a different name when I first signed up then what is on my identity card so I hope that they will be able to understand. It really sucks because I always hoped that I wouldn't have to go throuh this but I figured a day like this would come. It is a shame and this is way many people don't even like dealing with crypto is because we're not very computer savvy anyways and when stuff like this happens we don't know who to turn to for help...

A lot of emotion in the market right now with this poloniex news. I hope the issue will be resolve soon and all is well. More details on the news below:

polo is safe if you verify your account ...
Requesting verification preoofs it's legal and they won't steal you.

I made accounts in all the major exchanges in 2017, including poloniex. Somehow with Binance, Bitfinex and Bittrex on my list, never really felt the need to used Polo.
Then after the buyout just never even opened my account....


They are awful.

same here, no funds as I left that exchange a while ago. Moved over to ShitBtc which a much worse experience.