EOS vs ETH Summed Up In a Few Words by Daniel Larimer

4년 전

There has been a bit of discussion comparing EOS to Ethereum or ETH of late.

On the EOS Telegram chat Daniel Larimer himself pretty much summed it up with this, "EOS can run ETH inside a single contract ;)".

Now don't get us wrong, we are not trying to start a war between ETH and EOS- just trying to give you an idea of the magnitude and power of EOS when it goes into production!

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For clarity, each smart contract is implemented in Web Assembly which can process messages. The messages could be ethereum transactions which could be passed to an EVM which uses the EOS database as its key/value store. All of this should be able to execute at 30 TPS or better.


Does it imply that it will be possible to use EOS (and its Role Based Permission Management) as a tool to manage funds on the Ethereum blockchain? In other words, will I be able to secure my Ethereum private keys with an EOS smart contract?

Also, the whitepaper doesn't mention Wren. Does it mean Wren VM is no longer considered?


That is so awesome @dantheman. Thank you so much for the comment and clarification. EOS is mind boggling for me.

Any more news on coin distribution for EOS?


Nothing more than what is in the White Paper. Subscribe at EOS.io.

That right there is a pretty darn radical and concise statement...


Especially knowing now that they are going to work together!


The teams? Wait I remember hearing something about this earlier. That would be awesome. Technologies alone as well.

Thanks @bbrewer. Before EOS, I considered ETH doomed and I carefully avoided to invest in any project related to it. This post confirms that ETH philosophy may have a future on EOS, but it will have to catch-up with EOS (evolutive) smart contracts agility (WREN, others and hopefully, TAU).


Sounds like Dan is saying EOS and Ethereum will be able to work together quite well from the get-go!

Great news! Signed up for the e-mail list and enjoyed reading the whitepaper today


You'll be glad you did!