The Rush of Being an EOS Block Producer Candidate

3년 전
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Together with BitSpace we have been campaigning to become a Block Producer in EOS, and in the process I have visited London for EOS42’s EOS Meetup, visited Cannon’s Overseas BP Summit in Shanghai. Just yesterday I was in Ukraine for an EOS Academy Workshop and this week I am going to the EOS BP Summit at the Tulip conference in San Francisco.

Below you can find some videos of the various interviews we’ve done in the last couple of weeks, as well as the presentation I did in London.

Interview with Dallas Rushing

Interview with EOSGo

Interview with IMEOS

London EOS42 Presentation

Meanwhile the BitSpace technical team has been hard at work setting up servers and securing the system to make sure we are up to speed and ready for anything once launch-day arrives. In addition, several in our team are focused on giving input on the governance structure, constitution & voting tools, and our marketing team has been creating the website & material to showcase our candidacy, setup and schedule moving ahead.

Needless to say, this has been quite an experience, and seeing the whole community coming together to make the launch a success is a collective effort beyond anything I have seen in my five years being part of the BitShares, Steemit and now the EOS ecosystem.

That’s all for now, hope you find some of it interesting :)

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Exciting times one more time!!! :)


Yes! Rift in the space-time continuum once more <3


You are really so great post@clains sir..


True as said @liondani ..

A thing that makes fun with this post.

I am an thorough follower of Bitspace and i know they are associated with the EOS vision from back 2013 and the Bitspace Team are really striving hard to make the whole world an decentralised world by creating the Decentralised economy and platforms and this vision is great and i am greatest supporter of this vision and really good to know that you are an EOS Block Producer Candidate and i want to congratulate you and want to wish you an good luck and i know you'll going to provide the required strengthen to EOS platform and we want to see the EOS to grow tremendously.

And these videos are really appreciable and i will watch these videos to it's entirety in bits and pieces along the work but i will watch it because i wanted to know more stuff which is on the path and more to know what's in and out going on because we can hear many speculations out of the sphere but i ignore that because actual team is doing the great work.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂


It is truly amazing
I joined Bitspace telegram channel and I am marvelled by the level of commitment @clains and team mates have sequel to the launch of the EOS main net.
Hopefully, EOS will make giant stride in the crypto world. Thanks to the visionary @dan and @bitspace team.
It keeps getting bigger by the day.
Kudos!!! Job weldone


Beautiful post boss..


Thank for you sir..

I'm loving the passion!! Thank you for all you've been about. I'm a huge fan of Bitshares!!!

EOS is good now, By the way thank you for share great video with us.

excelente video saludos desde venezuela

I always support eos ..Eos Good Future .& Good Video

Good luck with the attempt to cave one a block producer. We need a deslcebt geographical spread of block producers and the greater the diversity, the better it is for EOS. You’ll have my vote!

Bitspace is amazing!!!...I am an ardent follower of the news and publications about your blocks on EOS
Pertinent to say that the project issuperb!!!

You are also doing great work, the role of the BP´s is critical for the stability of the future mainnet. It is good to see that you are all taking responsibility.

Hello D :) friend @clains
I'm new to your blog
Eco is good now '' i always support ECO very good video " Thank you for sharing with us

Not sure how much higher eos can go? I like the project but the market cap is too high for me right now :) I like to buy low!

I am an thorough follower of Bitspace and i know they are associated with the EOS vision from back 2013 and the Bitspace Team are really striving hard to make the whole world an decentralised world

Thumbs up 👍to your team you guys are really working heard towards Eos I must say I appreciate all your efforts and I have decided to buy more Eos thanks for sharing this wonderful information @clains


Thank you, and remember to never invest more than you can afford lose. :)


OK, thanks for that advice


So uh, what about those that invested in Bitsgate? You guys are doing lots of exciting things but seem to have completely lost site of those that believed in you and helped you get off the ground. What is with the Bitgate investors? Why no updates, no communication, no tokens, no product? Believe me I'd love to help vote you in as a BP but your treatment of your investors, well, sucks.


Hi John,

We took your previous question to heart and we are just about to post a new update now. BitGate is vital to the success of BitSpace. Please send me an email if you have any other questions at



Sir, you can even check my blog me and my team are caring out a charity work your support is needed sir @clains


Very interesting post boss...

Excelente post, @clains.

It seems that EOS is being very popular. Binance is quite supporting them good! I hope this good trend of EOS continues!

EOS is one of the best crypts, that I like, the great potential that it has and will continue to have.

Greetings from Peru :D

Eager to know what the community will do with the snapshot in relation with the unregistered tokens.


No changing the past now, but if you have priv keys it might be possible to claim later so keep those keys safe.


You mean Ether address priv keys, right?


Yes :)


Upvoted myself for visibility.

Great job @clains and @bitspace. So much happening in so little time. The Tulip summit will be amazing. Greetings from #EOSVenezuela

EOS is so great, thank you for share great video, it's good for us.

There is no reason to deny the EOS at present.Hopefully many people will support the ESO by watching the video.

Hello Dear Friend @clains " I just #RESTEEMED your post
It seems that EOS is being very popular. Binance is quite supporting them good! I hope this good trend of EOS continues! EOS is the best and I love EOS , thanks for share

Thank you for share a blog about EOS.The EOS is one of the most discussed topics of today.

EOS is good now and EoS is the best " i always support EOS " Really all video are very nice " Thank D:( friend @clains for this post sharing with us "
I'm new joining steemit and new to your blog

Very nice post sir .& Nice Video

Truly I learned alot from this. Team is working so hard and we really support you to grow more and more.

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Ios is currently hot, and there are a growing number of people taking part in the IOS. The market is preparing to grow. I hope that the ecosystem of Ios will improve and that a big market will be created and the encryption market will soon be approaching.

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Interesting project, successes, thanks for sharing!

I’m loving this passion seriously

Excellent your video post sir.
Thank goodness..

Thank for sharing your post@clains sir..

Eos best Platfrom Very good future ...

I think Yano can stand the emotion !!! @clains you deserve the greatest success and EOS will be one of your best achievements we are sure. Here you have loyal followers who will always support you in everything

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this video is really pretty and I'm going to watch these videos entirely in pieces along the job but I'll watch them because I want to know more things on the road and more to know what's going on in and out because we can hear a lot of speculation from the ball but I ignore it because the actual team did a great job.

Thank you for sharing this post with us and have a great day.

May always remain in a spirit state @clains

economy and platform Decentralization and vision are very good and I am the biggest supporter of this vision and it is really good to know that you are a EOS Block Producer and I would like to congratulate you and wish you luck and we want to see EOS grow extraordinary.

High quality and useful postings @clains

May Success Always be with you.

Hello my dear hope you're good and having a great day
So this is a humble gift for you hope you accept it and like it.
This is the picture:
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felicitaciones por tan buen video,saludos desde venezuela

EOS is good crypto coin . I also like EOS . ' i always support ECO " Thank you for sharing video with us @clains

Excellent video post
Thanks for the sharing post sir


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