Timing is everything! No coincidence TRON partnership launching on the same day as EOS Voice

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Yesterday Justin Sun hinted about news in the works, but nobody took it very seriously. Why would you? Justin is famous for making "announcements of upcoming announcements", but this was to be very significant news indeed, and the timing says a lot.

Block.one's EOS Voice is starting today, and they were no doubt hoping to seduce many STEEMIT users.

The news from TRON will rain on their parade, and the irony of Dan Larimer's previous involvement in STEEMIT makes things all the more dramatic.

The message from TRON is very clear:
We're coming for you EOS!

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  ·  작년

Argh! I cannot unsee that?

Somebody told me Voice was no longer going to be on EOS. I don’t know whether or not this is true. I will say that all of the beta emails I’ve been getting haven’t mentioned EOS at all.

  ·  작년

"Sister chain" was the last thing I heard"


Def. a Sun type of move!
Good to see you bud!

  ·  작년

Ehhhhh! Cheers man. Interesting times!

for people who live under the impression that the internet starts at the west and ends at the east coast :
from TFA:

However, it will first be released for the residents of the United States only and with a limited feature set, the platform explained. It will start inviting groups of users who have requested beta access - first those that took the Pre-Beta survey in the United States, then to other U.S. residents at random. Their goal here is to "take on feedback in a defined, manageable, and efficient way," says Voice in an emailed announcement. "It’s about real-time technical testing and iteration within one defined location," their blog post explains further.

so wake me up when it learns how to swim then ... thats a shame, damn

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if you don't want the spam this generates then please leave a reply to this reply, i'll try to follow up :)

just what the doctor prescribed ... Ned's old lover starting something that directly competes ... THAT should make waves wo-ho-how ... (yes figuratively speaking with much sarcasm as 'they used to be in bed together' ... before someone sues me for straightbashing ...)

Tribe wars huh ?

now ... if ever there was a reason to get the company and the top 20 cronies to actually do some work on the marketing front :D

my money be on larrimer until proven otherwise ... this is not good (but im sure the tribal mentality will act as a cushion ... up to a limit)

the better part might be the notorious rep of larrimer to quit halfway although he didnt with Eos then ? ... hm hm mh hm ..

is that even mister D... o well ...

does it have bots (l m a o) otherwise its no fun, might as well go post on minds or something


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moreover :

free speech is subject to ground rules (on a blockchain that's immutable) so we reserve the right to decide who gets in (we might otherwise have a diversity of opinions too great for p.c. principal to handle) and will also need the colour of your sisters panties to sign up ... so anyone on there hacking on facebook or google after that will be a hippie, right ? ...

Things to keep in mind:

We’re here to help you understand our legal terms, so here’s a breakdown of some of the key points:

We limit who can join, when they join, and how, based on our guidelines and legal requirements.
Voice is a place for real people. The only way to try to ensure that at the moment is to ask for personal data and official documents, like a driver’s license or passport. This data is used by our trusted partner HooYu to verify your identity. They delete it automatically after a period of time in accordance with their Privacy Policy.
Expect Voice to change as we iterate. Features and functions may not work as intended. 
Voice Tokens are just for use on Voice. You can’t go out and buy coffee (or anything else!) with them.
Free speech is our bedrock, but we also maintain a respectful environment. So that speech is subject to our Ground Rules.
We reserve the right to terminate accounts and suspend accounts at any time. 
Voice is built on a blockchain, which is intended to be immutable. For more info, read the Privacy Notice. 

i see how that works, the personal data and stuff, i get the salespitch but in the end

you come in with the same old 50 people from that same chatroom on disqord where you colluded on steemit ... you do the same circle ... the loners get nothing regardless their opinion and the same 50 get the same thing they got somewhere else

id say its far from flawless but WHAT COUNTS is the ico and how much money they get ...

doesnt look like a nice place to me, its being cleaned before its even there ... how can life grow in a sterile environment

how can FREE speech be subject to ground rules ... and

well its americans only ... not interested :D

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