EOS Power to the People (No Whale BPs)

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EOS Power to the People (No Whale BPs)

by @controllinghand
Updated 6/27/2018 added the 3 bitfinex proxy votes
Updated 6/28/2018

There has been a major shake up after the date of this article. Bitfinex has now spread their vote over multiple BPs and now the rankings are much different

Please visit these two sites for the latest updates on the top BPs


I wrote and article on the impact Whales have on the EOS vote for Block Producers. You can read more here:

What constitutes a "Whale Vote"? It's a vote from a wallet in the top 100.
Since, the top 100 wallets in EOS hold almost 50% of all the coins I thought that was a pretty good cut off point.

What BP are on the list that didn't receive any Whale votes?

I call on everyone to make history and vote! Vote for those "NO Whale" supported BPs.

Think about it...
Do you want BPs running EOS that are influenced by a few big whales or do you want the BPs to be thinking about you and me?

Let's start by voting for these three:




After we get them to the top 21 then we can focus on picking the next three.

If you want to see the data that backs this clain up please visit here:

Adding a few other sites with great data

Please also consider voting for

who created http://eos.dapptools.info/#/block-producers


who created https://www.alohaeos.com/vote

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I'm really surprised @buildteam was so far down the list. I would have figured they would have had whale support.


They seem to have a lot of info related to Steem on their home page? Maybe, not focused on EOS only? Also, if you are based in Asia you have a better chance of getting a Whale vote. That is my opinion not based on fact yet. I need to do some more digging there.


That is very possible that their focus is STEEM.

Great to know this data it should be sticky on every incoming dapp, surely that would raise awareness on what BP stand there by just a few whale/s, probably community does not need that kind of BPs, community are not a few whales, that is for sure :)

Vote in the good ones to vote out the bad ones, key is awareness, thanks to data like the one you have provided here! keep it up!, resteem, spread info, loveee, share!


Vote! :D

good day!

Great work! So interesting to see this all playing out. Thanks for all your research.

There has been a major shake up after the date of this article. Bitfinex has now spread their vote over multiple BPs and now the rankings are much different


Yes, but all that means is Bitfinex can make or break you. Please consider EOS UK as ranked 81 we do have one whale who we are grateful of but have not idea of their identity. The vast majority of our support is from small token holders who support what we are trying to do