How to Claim And transfer EOS ERC20 tokens using MyEtherWallet

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ico.PNGAfter contributing to the ongoing Eos token sale ,you can claim your tokens at the end of each window which you've contributed to.don't border claiming tokens until the window you have contributed to closed, because attempt to claim tokens before a window you have contributed to has closed, the transaction will fail automatically.

Under heading Select Existing Contract is a dropdown, select EOS Contribution
Click Access
Under the "Read / Write Contract" heading, in the dropdown select claimAll.
Load your wallet using your preferred option, for example me myself love using private key to access mine. Enter your private key to your wallet. If it's not encrypted.
Click Unlock button
Click Write button
Set the Amount to send to 0 and allow the wallet to suggest a Gas Limit. If it didn't autopopulate, the you have to enter 90000 or more. In case your TX fails,then increase Gas Limit. If you would like your TX to go through faster, adjust your gas limit accordingly.
Click Generate Transaction button
Check the details of the transaction, and if you are ok with the details you have entered, click Yes, I am sure! Make transaction
If all went well, a green bar will appear at the bottom of the page including a link to your transaction on the blockchain.
After the transaction is confirmed the ERC20 tokens will be transferred to your wallet.

Now you will need to load you account once more. by going to
Load your wallet using your preferred method.
Go To Token Balances on the right-hand side of the page.
Click Add Custom Token

On token address section, enter 0x86fa049857e0209aa7d9e616f7eb3b3b78ecfdb0
On Token Symbol section enter EOS
On section Decimals enter 18
Click Save
By now if your transaction that processed (claimAll) is confirmed, you will see your EOS token balance in MyEtherWallet in the same area.
To transfer EOS tokens
You will need some amount of Ether in your wallet to pay the fees for the transaction.

Enter the Ethereum address you would like to transfer your EOS to. If it's a wallet, it must be a wallet you control the private keys.In case you are sending to an exchange, make sure it address specifically for EOS ERC20 tokens.
In Amount to Send, enter the number of EOS tokens you would like to send.
MEW will suggest a gas limit based on current network conditions.
Click Generate Transaction
Click Send Transaction
If your tx goes successfully, a green bar will appear at the bottom of the page with your tx hash, and a link to your tx on the blockchain. If you got a red bar, read the error it provides and correct adjust the gas limit accordingly.

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Sweet post and very useful @cryptohunt!
This was the first post to come up in my search and it cleared up the ??? I had.
I am looking forward to seeing more of your post and content.

Annnnnd I am gonna have to play with this some 😏😏😏

Stay well @cryptohunt
Steem on 🐳!


i'm glad you find it helpful,thanks for stopping by.

I Followed and Resteemed this post as well as Followed you Debbie.


thanks for the follow,i'm following back.

Thanks for the post!
Question: I just failed to claim EOS from Period 87, using Metamask via MEW with gas price 2 Gwei and gas limit 200000 (the transactions failed in Metamask before hitting the blockchain, due to insufficient gas. Any advice? Is there a way to claim form Metamask directly? Thanks!

Thanks for the helpful article. I use it and complete my transaction.
Than you.


i'm glad you find it helpful,kindly follow me for more update

Thanks for your good walkthrough about claiming EOS, but I had a bad experience using Metamask too :) it costs me more in GAS than I was expecting so I failed claiming the tokens via MetaMask, do you have an idea about claiming them through MyEtherWallet ! is it the same process ? Thanks again

This is one of the best walk throughs I've seen in a while. I am ranked CryptoCurrency Trader, BUT I still have issues with Getting my coins into snapshots. I hold Some of My EOS coins on my Exodus wallet, and wanted to use that KEy to register the EOS I already have. When I go to I can't find a way to register my EOS ERC-20 address. I Hold it with Exodus and MEW. I can't register my coin. I had put them to binance because I read they will be participating in snapshot. Any advice?

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