Creating an EOS account just got easier!

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As a service to the community, @cryptolions will be sponsoring ZEOS, an EOS account creation portal. We think easy entry into the EOS ecosystem will be an important part of its growth.


Without ZEOS, non-EOS account holders must ask an existing EOS account holder to create their accounts for them. ZEOS is the only portal we've seen so far which allows non-EOS account holders to create their own accounts without assistance.

What does this mean for users?

There will no longer be a fee for account creation. Users will ONLY pay for the RAM allocated to their accounts.

What was the deal?

The developers behind ZEOS are friends of CryptoLions. We met them at our L'viv Meetup in May. On Zeos they were charging a fee to cover their development and operating expenses.

CryptoLions is now covering those costs as a service to the broader EOS community, in the hopes that easy entry into EOS will help the community grow and prosper.

How does ZEOS work?


Here's a great tutorial made by a community member:

Other Details

  • During a recent BP call, Dan Larimer mentioned that B1 was planning to make account creation easier. We welcome any changes which improve access to EOS. For now ZEOS seems like the easiest way for non-account holders to create EOS accounts without the assistance of already-existing account holders.

  • Because the RAM price is in constant flux, and because our payment processor, charges a transaction fee, the purchase of new accounts through ZEOS might be off by a few percent from the price of RAM, but it'll be pretty close. We're trying to make it equal.

  • The great people behind ZEOS are now collaborating with CrytoLions on an even more awesome project. Stay tuned!

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I had a registered account with 0.8770 EOS, my only account...

The block one buy interface, when i created / registered the account (on the last periods of the ICO) missed the warning about having AT LEAST 1 EOS my claim is that was removed from the site on the last months before the ico ended

At least this is what i claim / believe but no one takes me seriously on this, i ended up exiled, a Dust Account.
I was only missing 0.12 EOS to had my genesis...

Why do they remove the important warning "you need 1 EOS" and only left "minimum contribution 0.01ETH" ?. it should be the opposite!, remove minimum contribution 0.01ETH, and put you need 1 EOS!

So, i have to pay to get an account if i want one, price today for an account on
was at 40USD earlier , and now is around 35 USD...

I appreciate what you are doing but still, is expensive even more when you do not have any type of income like in my case and money i get goes to food, etc

I wonder how much time i will have to wait for one of those " free accounts " that dapps will offer to their users (six months?)

Was following T channels, etc before the snapshot, no warning about the 1 EOS there either

Sometimes i like to write about my experience to tell the anecdote to others and to relief myself from being an exiled.

a Dust Account hodler :)

pd: need to get some motivation and try to use the testnets (muuuch appreciated...)
i have eosio installed, but everyday i wish i had my genesis account, by being unmotivated by that i am missing a lot of nice stuff like testnets...

it is not easy being Dust :)

Hmm I don't know...
In my opinion, it's much easier to create EOS account on the MyWish platform. And then u can use EOS blockchain to its destination. Especially since it's a proven crypto project with real updates.

THANK YOU for the video..finally someone answered my Q about filling in the 2 public keys!

  ·  2년 전

I love what Cryptolions have been doing for the community. Seeing they are helping to lower the barrier of entry into EOS is a great idea. I recommend voting for Cryptolions.

It seems broken I have just tried to create an account there, when you attempt to make the payment it sends you to an error page.


the same to me

Hi, thanks... Finally got me an EOS account for $10.62
Now, what next? Which wallet do you recommend? For both Android and desktop.