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Greetings Steemians!

I am a Newdex influencer. Influencer badge.png

My personal mission is to promote decentralized trading to the masses and make it easy for them to transact in a safe and decentralized way with NO MIDDLE MAN. NDX tokens are used to stake for reduced trading fees, new token listing airdrops, daily free spins for a chance to win EOS and much much more. They offer tiers of VIP levels to choose from for minnows and market makers everywhere. They do a monthly "buy back and burn" so the token is deflationary!

The NDX tokens I get from being an influencer are being used to give back to the community I am building. You can earn 100 NDX tokens just for joining t.me/newdexchat and I hope to see you in there. Come and take my NDX!

The team at Wombat wallet are extremely helpful and they are available on Android, IOS, and PC using browser extensions. If you want or need a FREE EOS account you can get one here: https://www.getwombat.io


If you upvote and comment here you will be eligible for 1 entry into the grand prize giveaway of 10,000 NDX tokens and if you resteem this post you will have 3 entries into the grand prize draw.

For tracking these entries I need this filled out: https://forms.gle/FAT3BdNyoz5bfZaVA

I will pick a random winner on November 15th and announce the winner here.

Telegram Photo.jpg

I have the right to adjust or shut down the contest at any time, and I have the right to investigate possible cheating or tampering before I determine a winner. No information collected will be saved or shared with anyone for any purpose other than to pay out the winners. Good luck to everyone! Come get some NDX for yourself and be sure to share with your friends and family while supplies last.

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Thank you Stella :)


To you 😁👍, resteemed 2 👌

Crypto is good.. moar is GOOD.. thanks for the opportunity. Re-steemed why not!


Thank you so much! I hope you come try trading on newdex if you can. It's really smooth


Upvote, resteem, commented 😂👌👌👌

Tg: javator ☕☕☕

I use NewDex every day! Newdex is lucky to have you as an influencer as you are everywhere EOS!


He honors his nick


Thank you so much! I really enjoy doing this work because I am very passionate about DEX's and Newdex takes the cake.


My eos: elmubarekiii

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Good job with the promotion! I love that NDX.🙌

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Thank you so much! NDX is going to surprise a lot of people. It's like the HONEST version of the BNB token LOL

Newdex experience has remained very smooth for me. @datajunky you are doing great job. Resteemed the post. :)

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I appreciate the kind words my friend. I love giving away tokens too

Always learning something new... Newdex looks amazing!

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sounds interesting! Count me in for the draw! :)

I've raised from sublimation to upvote this comment!

DNX, DeFinite! 😎👍

Newdex and Wombat is a Great juntion, i have my account whith wombat

Good luck


Thank you very much <3


Thanks, you too! 🤙

Hi datajunky. First ever interaction on Steem. You get the credit to actually get me back in ;) Jimmy :D


I would have replied earlier but steemit is soooo bad I ran out of steem power. No wonder mass adoption is still never going to happen here. whales have all the power, and I can't even comment to people LOL steem is running out of steem.


Ya, the user experience needs to be drastically improved for mass adoption. It's one of those things I really want to like but way too many actions needed for any given post compared to others that are out there. I'm hopeful that things will improve over time ;D

Hola! Done!
Resteemed my friend 🙂

Hello , resteemed ✌✌✌

Me uno a esta fiesta! Uso newdex y además lo promocionó a todos los nuevos que van llegando a #eos ... Muchos éxitos para todos

Interesting....nice giveaway

Thanks for letting me know

Resteemed! And nice giveaway

I 💙 Newdex!😁 just posted my entry for the Halloween contest lol🎃🙌🍀

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Awesome! You following @newdexofficial on twitter? I hope you win BIG!


Thank you ahah yeee I'm following😉🍀💥

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I am happy Joined in Giveaways,... Good project

I am happy. Count me in your draw.

Done ! Resteemed! Greeetings from Venezuela. Following