EOS Roadmap - Wasm update

4년 전
in eos


Developers get ready!

Looks like @dantheman shared EOS Roadmap 3 days ago:


Seems there are a lot of things to do before skynet. They are not focused on clusters yet.

Wren is ditched. Web assembly is coming (The return of the C!). It will be ethereum flavored.


Time to learn some wasm, refresh C++ knowledge.


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haha that meme at the end is amazing.
I guess I might have to look at C++ again

Lol, C++ is the first programming language I learnt in my collage life. Before that, I have no any programming experience. But in the first lesson they already taught it XD. But to be honest, C++ is a good language. And which let us know more concept about what is object oriented. But after all, it is not that useful when you can out to work.

Nice to hear from you ...Lets we start preparation for C++ ...I am Java Programmer ...