EOS valuation predictions

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The time has come. How much should be the valuation of EOS? Which price is comfortable for you to get on the ship?

I am not a professional trader and this is not an investment advice!

These guys are futures traders and their valuation is around 4 USD per token while I write this.

My valuation of the whole project is 1 billion. I.e. each token might have 1 USD value. I might be comfortable to buy it around those prices.

What are your thoughts?

What do you think in first 5 day's valuation be? My guess is it will be valued more during first 5 days then the rest of the windows.

What do you think all of the tokens will be valued at?


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EOS is currently trading on one exchange that I know of with another one to start this week. See my post here. They obviously have a special deal with EOS to start trading whilst the ICO is still running.

Too much hype,and its confusing as hell LOL


Totally agree, hyped as Fck


Yeah and the ICO is confusing as hell,that threw me off.


Where did you see the hype and what is confusing? On steem I agree everybody is aware of it. Outside steem I only saw a few haters..


Its all over Twitter. Don't get me wrong i am very interested with EOS as well,im not saying the hype is bad. I'm just confused about the way you contribute in the ICO. Maybe because im new to using MEW.


in that case I would like to know who you follow.. Because mine is empty.

Metamask and official ethereum wallet seem easy.

I think EOS will get an initiall great start, flip-flop, and then start a natural climb. That's what happens with all of these really hyped up ICOs. Doesn't mean you shouldn't invest though....


so what is your valuation and to what does EOS resemble?


Well it's hard to speculate on actual price when there isn't really much empirical data to go on right now, EOS are speculating on $20-$30 dollars for one token. As a part of their first phase EOS will be ERC 20 on Ethereums block-cain, so the Ethereum economy will massively help the EOS economy and visa versa. The rationale behind my flip-flop comment is around the fact that EOS will need 2 fundamental things, a safe breakage away from Ethereum block chain when are fully ready which is not guaranteed. Secondly, and in my opinion the most important is developers, and good ones. To build on top of their network. What about when you start factoring in exchanges and trading platforms..

good post resteemed upvoted and followed

Nice Post ... where is this place in the photo above... may I know it...

As much as we afford to lose plus one!


there lots of token out there, but i believe steem will reach $10 soon. done following you and upvote


I agree steem and bitshares will get more exposure thanks to EOS


indeed, it will.. we just need to wait.

I heard a lot about EOS so far but haven't had a chance to look into it yet, today is the day! Cheers


you have still time until Friday if you want to catch this window... actually towards Friday the decisions will make more sense because there will be a valuation.

I don't know much about EOS but o you think it is worth investing in it now?

I want to wait until it is clear whether the price on the exchanges will go up or down.

I just clicked an ad for EOS today when looking at coinwarz I believe...but EOS won't take inverters from the US so...


I care little about the valuation. I'm just looking to understand why we must support ETH to get into EOS.

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Informative post... I think the valuation will be pretty good in 5 days...