EOS Tower game. A new, fun gaming dApp on the EOS platform.

3년 전

Here is 'EOS Tower', a new and fun gaming dApp which, I have just discovered on the EOS platform.

Click here to play EOS Tower.

In this game, you have a house swinging, left to right from a rope above, which you have to drop by left clicking your mouse or tapping your screen. Once you've dropped one, you need to drop another one on top of the last house that was dropped to score points. The more you stack, the more points you score. If the tower is stacked neatly, in a straight line, lots of extra points can be had. Your score will then be compared as soon as another player plays against you. The highest scorer wins the relevant EOS prize and the lowest scorer receives a certain amount of PVP tokens which, in the future will be able to be staked or traded.

Here is a video that I slapped together to show you how it works with proof of payment at the end.

Click here if you would prefer to watch this video on BitChute

Click here to play EOS Tower.

There is the option to play for free in the practice room as many times as you like and the first five games played each day there will earn you 0.4 PVP tokens per game. That's 2 PVP tokens free per day, just for playing.

The paid games cost 0.1 EOS to win 0.18 EOS, 1 EOS to win 1.8 EOS and 5 EOS to win 9 EOS. If you you lose, you will receive 12 PVP tokens per 1 EOS lost (at the time of writing this).

EOS Tower Game is a 1:1 'Person Versus Person' (PVP) game where you can compete with other EOS users. When you win, you can take a portion of the opponent's entry fee (which is 80% at the time of making this).

You can also receive PVP tokens by playing the game. The amount of PVP tokens you receive each game will decrease over time.

In the future, PVP tokens can be staked, as to receive EOS Tower Game's revenue distribution.

I have tried this and this is working with Scatter and MeetOne. It may also work with other wallets, i would think.

EOS Tower.

Have fun and play responsibly.

Thanks for looking.


EOS: donkeysworld

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