EOS Canada - Code of Conduct

2년 전


EOS Canada would like to take a moment to reflect on the values we hold dear, and on the standards we’d like the community to hold us to.


We believe that the ability to implement human governance concepts into the software base layer is a strong distinctive feature of EOS.IO. With its embedded conflict resolution tools, EOS.IO will enable scalable, self-sustaining, and self-governing digital communities that will encompass all national jurisdictions. We are truly inspired by Dan Larimer’s mission of finding free market solutions to secure life, liberty and property, and we fully commit to enforce the mainnet constitution. Creating the network within a framework that thinks about governance beforehand, rather than as an afterthought, should help to drive adoption and build the security of the ecosystem.

The EOS Canada team has been involved helping to shape the governance structure of EOS and the underlying documents. We continue to take part, and try to share information whenever we see a lack of understanding in certain areas.

Transparency and Accountability

We truly believe that the future of community self-governance will stem from a transparent blockchain such as EOS.IO. As such, we plan on setting the example by giving periodic public updates of any corporate changes, development milestones, and any other progress within EOS Canada. We fully understand our role as a custodian of the network and we pledge to never buy votes to be elected. We believe that the solicitation of votes should depend only on our ability to serve the community, and nothing more. We will maintain an active presence on messaging and social media platforms, such as Telegram, Twitter, SteemIt, YouTube, Reddit, WeChat, Bihu, Weibo and others so that all token holders will have the ability to interact with us.


We pledge to never utilize any of our ‘insider knowledge’ of the inner workings, nor upcoming upgrades, for our own benefit, nor to disclose any privileged information to anyone. We take our role as a steward of the EOS network very seriously, and we pledge to provide a transparent accounting for any issues that may be brought forth.

We want to make clear that we will never buy RAM for the sake of speculation, but only for usage for dApps or Smart Contracts, or any other tooling we seek to build and provide on-chain. Any excess RAM that we plan on selling, will be sold following public announcement of intent with a predetermined time-delay of 15 days.

Community Involvement

Months prior to the launch of the EOS mainnet, we at EOS Canada strived to make our involvement stand out. We aim to be part of building as many of the community features that are needed to advance this ecosystem, and to provide as much education and tooling as we can. Here is an incomplete list of what we have put out to date:

We pledge to grow this list over the coming years, as we are committed to driving dramatic growth to the EOS platform.


We will welcome all opportunities to cooperate with other global Block Producers, regardless of geographic location, that do not compromise our financial, political, or operational independence. We believe that cooperation is healthy for the whole ecosystem and allows for the completion of tasks larger than ourselves, including, but not limited to coordinating software upgrades, properly diversifying network infrastructure across wide geopolitical regions, and always listening to the community’s voice.

EOS.IO Constitution

We solemnly declare to uphold and abide by the governing rules set forth by the community’s agreed upon Constitution. The EOS.IO Constitution is supreme and the only contract to which we are all bound. We will not comply with any requests that are forbidden by the Constitution in order to protect the network from undue harm.


EOS Canada has been built with help from Diagram Ventures. Co-founders and employees hold the majority ownership of the company, while Diagram Ventures owns more than 10%. We would like to make clear that our investors have committed to not investing in any other EOS Block Producer candidates. They also have a long investment horizon, so they do not expect any dividends or a liquidity event from this project within the near future. They see the skillset as their return, and want to expand their understanding of how the EOS.IO software will benefit their other endeavours.

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Fantastic. Further confirming why you deserve a vote from all EOS holders!