Everything EOS Podcast [ICO Alert] - Worker Proposal System

2년 전

Everything EOS Podcast [ICO Alert] - Worker Proposal System.jpg

ICO Alert hosts a weekly podcast series, called Everything EOS. Each week, hosts Zack Gall and Rob Finchdiscuss their take on all things relevant that are happening in the EOS space. Lately, Zack has also started adding extra episodes where he interviews companies, dApps, or EOS-influencers to do a deeper dive on specific topics that may be relevant to the community.

Recently, Josh from EOS Canada and Kevin Rose from EOS New York joined Zack to have a discussion into the benefits, drawbacks, implications, and different aspects of the Worker Proposal System that is being proposed for the EOS ecosystem.

Please check out this episode and past ones to catch up with this series.

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