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PandaFun Game Whitepaper


Blockchain industry has entered its 9th year since the first issue of Bitcoin whitepaper. Although the technology has been recognized worldwide, how to apply the technology into different scenarios is still under discussion. The bottleneck that stops the blockchain technology from further application is its performance has not yet met the requirements of large-scale commercials.

One of the most important applicable scenarios of blockchain technology is Game. By using blockchain technology, games will become transparent and fair to every player. The developers are no longer able to manipulate key game data, not to mention direct cheating. However, sacrificing game experience and creating unbalanced player profit distribution becomes another issue developers encounter during their operation such as ‘xxxx-Kitty’, ‘xxxx-World’ and ‘xxxx-Planet’

The Whitepaper is going to introduce a game based on blockchain technology called PandaFun. The idea of the game is to bring every player ‘ABSOLUTIELY FAIR’ and ‘VALUE TRADEABLE’ at the same time with much better user experience than any competitors in the market.

‘Panda X’ is a blockchain R&D team, we have been focusing on blockchain technology for many years and the reason why we start it as our first project is we highly believe the technology stands for the future.

Different from others, we will not carry out ICO or any formats of financing for our project. We spent several months to study the feasibility of the game and invested from our own pocket to start the Research and Development. Hopefully PandaFun will bring players a brand new blockchain game experience.

PandaFun is an ‘EDS (Education Simulation)’ + ‘BSG (Board Strategy Game)’ blockchain game. In EDS part, players can nurture pandas and let the pets have different skills. In BSG part, one panda can be selected together with the player to participate in a World Tour. There are more than 20 skills for pandas to learn from and each of them may bring a unique advantage for their owners while gaming. Compare to some current blockchain games, PandaFun is much more interesting with a meaningful EDS element. A higher class of panda with premium skills will give players even more advantages in the World Tour but the game will not lose balance since we have adequate skill pool and random events. To avoid users’ fatigue, we also provide different maps in World Tour to ensure the freshness of the game.

3.1 Game Background
Somewhere in the world, there is a mysterious Panda Canyon. Villagers live inside the Panda Canyon called Panda Village. One of their day-to-day hobbies is to have a World Tour with their pandas.

In the game, players will act as a villager in Panda Village. Players can take their pandas to different scenes to strengthen them. Also, players can take one of their pandas with them to join World Tour.

3.2 Game Scenes

  • Main scene
    The main scene is a panorama of the Panda Canyon, includes: Zen Cliff, Budokan, Temple, Home, Pet Affair and World Tour.

  • Zen Cliff:
    Zen Cliff is the place where pandas meditate which costs one Meditation Tea each time. By meditation, pandas have the chance to gain new skills.

  • Budokan
    Budokan is the place where pandas train their skills which costs one Kung Fu Reel each time. By training, pandas can upgrade their skills (except for a few skills).

  • Temple
    Temple is the place where pandas pray which costs a set of candles and one spirit from panda.Every pray can have the chance to obtain a newborn panda.Pandas will vanish when spirits become 0.

  • Home
    Home is where players can review all personal information.

  • Pet Affair
    Pet market is a place where pets can be traded. Players can buy and sell pandas here.

  • World Tour
    Players can travel around the world with their pandas in World Tour. Players need to chip in with EOS at the beginning to play the World Tour. There are 3 players in the game and winner takes all! System will take out 3.5% from the award as upgradation cost of the game.

3.3 Pandas
Pandas are pets in the game. Pandas at different level have different numbers of spirits and skills. The pandas are divided into the following levels:

Diamond Panda:
Golden Panda:
Silver Panda:
Bronze Panda:

3.4 Props
When nurturing pandas, there are different props needed, which are:

3.5 Rules of World Tour
1.Three randomly matched players will battle in a random map selected from the map pool in each game
2.Every player has the same amount of initial cash.
3.Players can use panda skills before rolling the dice
4.The number of movement for each player on the map is decided by the dice number
5.When players step onto different blocks will trigger different events

  • Empty land blocks: Players can buy the land
  • Own land blocks: Players can upgrade the buildings
  • Competitors' land blocks: Players have to pay the tolls
  • Sprites: The sprite will append to the player and trigger its effect
    6.When players own lands or buildings next to each others, it will trigger the Chain Effect (only for straight streets)
  • Chain Effect: The toll for the chained area will be the sum of individual buildings.
    7.Players can use panda's skill on other players.
    8.A player will lose the game is his cash is less than 0.
    9.The rest players will continue the game and can buy the land or buildings belong to the loser at discounted price.
    10.The winner of a round of World Tour is the one who survives to the end and will get corresponding game rewards.

3.6 Maps
Maps within the game are designed base on different Continents and Countries.

3.7 Skills
Skills are divided into 2 kinds, upgradeable and un-upgradeable.
Un-upgradeable skills are listed below:

Upgradeable skills are listed below, the max level is Lv3:

3.8 Elves
Different Elves will randomly appear in a game

  1. Fairness and Security
    4.1 Fairness
    The most important factor that will affect the fairness is random numbers. Since blockchain need certainty and consistency, we are not able to generate random numbers directly from blockchain. One solution is that the players firstly generate a random number, then calculate its hash and submit to smart contract. The player then submit the random number to smart contract and in the meantime smart contract verifies the random number to ensure that the player does not change it. Finally, the smart contract generates a random for the game to use.

In PandaFun, we use similar method, there are 3 steps:

  1. Players generate random numbers and submit theirs hash to smart contract

  2. Players submit the random numbers to smart contract for verification. Smart contract verifies the random number and generates a random number based on the submitted numbers, and save it to a table for the player to query

  3. Players query the random number and use it

For each pray, meditatation and train, the player and the server both need to be involved into the process of random number generation. Otherwise, the player may manipulate the final result since the player submits the random number to the smart contract by himself. The 2 random numbers (from player and server) must be valid at the same time in order to generate the final random number.

For each dicing, though there are multiple players, to ensure that the generated random number cannot be manipulated at any circumstances, the server needs to be involved as well. There must be at least 2 random numbers valid in order to generate the final random number.

The flow chart is shown below:

4.2 Security
The server does not save any player's private key. Players control their private key to play the game by using a browser extension called Scatter, similar to Metamask.

Scatter is a way to sign transactions and provide private data without exposing keys and unnecessary information while interacting with web applications and communicating with the EOS Blockchain.

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