EOS Voting: How to Vote in Less than 90 Seconds


Hello EOS Community,

With all the initial launch celebrations out of the way, we are back to waiting for another milestone, the evasive 15%!

Your friendly neighbourhood block producer candidate EOS Cafe Calgary is back again with a video showing you how to vote in less than 90 seconds using the EOS Voter Tool by TeamGreymass:

Don't forget to vote for eoscafeblock!


Remember, the software can't help you if you already have malware on your computer.

Join Us

EOS Cafe Calgary is a Block Producer Candidate for the EOS.IO Blockchain that is a joint venture between the EOS Cafe DAC and EOS Calgary. Join us at:

Naver Cafe
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  ·  작년

Hi eoscafe,
Does the EOS voter tool produced by the Team Greymass was audited by a third party? Is an audit ongoing? Is this tool totally safe?
I thank you for your answers, have a nice day,

  ·  작년

I think a little trust is needed at this stage. A real community launch requires so.


Get ready for a statement coming out shortly

That was simple

I used it for voting and it is working. The UI is really nice and easy to use. I was a bit worried about trusting at the beginng, since there is not an official statement saying this wallet is 100% safe. However, I just took the risk considering it have been recomended by several BP that claim they know the team behind greymass.
Only thing I can say is that it worked for me and the vote was casted immediately and I even check the tx at eospark.com

Great tool ! EOS cafe is the best !

Did I miss the part where u entered ur private key?


It happened very quickly, I changed my active key later just in case