BPs to go to war with…

4년 전

gotowarwith.jpegWith the mainnet now in the enable phase grinding our way to 15% staked, I wanted to capture our current thoughts on the teams we have been working in the trenches with for several months to get us all to this point.
There are over 170 Block Producer candidates registered as I type this. Most have not contributed to this project YET. They might and should be welcomed.

If you are new, show up, help, create Apps and tools, develop learning aids, support our community. We've said before the real value will be created on TOP of EOS, that is where we should be directing our attention.

Perspective is relative. I know for sure that there was other amazing work going on which didn't register on our radar. And I'm sure the work we've done didn't register on others too. That is the beautiful thing about this project. Everyone's objectives are aligned. Success for all equals success for self: multiply this by the millions of people already engaged in this new idea, and it looks really great for our joint future.

Honestly, I can't do complete due diligence to pick 21 Block Producers, nobody can. But based on the work we have done together, here are my picks of teams which I would bring to battle with me or call up if we had an issue or was needed to form a strategy.

In no particular order. (And I'm sure I've missed some out):

cryptolions1 -  @CryptoLions : Most people know the work these guys do in the Jungle, but I've also been in many calls and discussions with Roman on governance and other initiatives.

argentinaeos - @ eosargentina : I love these guys , when we were in the tick of testing and validation they not only had suggestions, but had tools ready to put to work. We wouldn't be live today without them.

eosswedenorg  -  @eos.Sweden : Eric is well-respected in the community and works tirelessly in the background. I met Vahid in London a few months back, great guy and great team. Also independent, like us.

eosasia11111 -  @EOSAsia : Dafeng has been awesome in bridging the gulf between East and West. Though the validation phase, the EOS Asia guys have really shown professionalism and courtesy.

eosriobrazil - @ eosrio : Every time Igor joined a call, you could feel the passion and determination. Hard work done. Kudos. We love these guys too.

eoscanadacom -  @EOSCanada : My respect for this team has grown and grown. They worked extremely hard to boot the network, and, when faced with objections or shown better alternatives, they were flexible and professional in adapting and getting the job done. Special mention to Marc, who was too calm under the pressure of letting everyone into the Go/No-go call.

Other teams we've worked with and respect greatly:
eosdacserver -  @EOSDac : I've no idea how a DAC will work at scale, hope these guys show us the way.

eosnewyorkio - @ eosnewyork : Superb leadership. We wouldn't be doing this now if it wasn't for their early work.

blocksmithio -  @EosBlocksmith : we share many of the same values. These guys show up again and again.

hkeoshkeosbp -  @HKEOS : Jae is a superstar. EOS is in a stronger position because of the work his does. Thank you.

@EOS42  - David and Charles have been awesome on many fronts. Look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Some newcomers or teams we haven't worked much with yet but have certainly made an impact:

libertyblock -  @LibertyBlock : Timothy pushed the security focus during validation. Lots of BPs had the opportunity to tighten up based on this work.

sheos21sheos -  @SHEOS : Who are these guys/gals? I was asked multiple times. Ben, the "he" in SHEOS, has been adding value since I've noticed them. Keep it up.

eosnationftw -  @EOSNation : Super calm on tough calls. We don't know each other well yet. But first impressions count.

eosrealbpcsg -  @EOSREAL : When we look back at the EOS launch, I believe that the marathon session Mao had with Thomas Cox will stand out as an important one. Not only did it answer so many questions, but Mao and the EOSREAL team jumped to action and co-ordinated essential review and updates to the governance framework. Thanks!

eosafricaone- @eosAfrica : EOS needs a strong presence in Africa. Khoshi has been doing some great work. Keep it up.

aus1genereos - @ genereos : This team have had a challenging position since launch and have shown how to deal with tough times. Respect.

cypherglasss -  @CypherGlass : These guys are like Marmite. Love them or hate them, they arrived on the scene with a strategy to get noticed and it worked. We've lots of respect for James, anyone who knows their shit and has toy rockets in their room is ok in my book. And if it doesn't work out for them, the 2020 U.S. election is right around the corner.

A last quote to finish:
"Better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside pissing in."
-Lyndon B. Johnson


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