EOS: Explanation of DPoS+BFT w/ Daniel Larimer - Part 1 of 2

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Daniel Larimer, CTO of block.one, took time to whiteboard DPOS for EOS Go to share with the community - as Dan called it, "possibly the first time I've ever explained DPOS on video".

EDIT - part 2 of this video is now available! Dan goes more in depth to explain the new BFT addition to DPOS for EOS to achieve irreversible confirmations in 2 seconds or less. He also compares the new EOS implementation with other BFT algorithms.

YouTube Description:

Daniel Larimer, CTO of BlockOne explains DPoS in Bitshares, Steemit, and EOS.

This is part one of a two part DPOS/BFT instructional video.

In part two Dan will go more in depth to describe BFT and how blocks in EOS will achieve 99.9% finality in 0.5 seconds, with absolute finality every 2 seconds or better.

This will allow dapps to provide a seamless user experience, a key step in bringing blockchain adoption to a wider audience.

EOS Go Admins: Kev, Bluejays
Editor in Chief: Jenny (@topkpop on steemit)

Thank you:
Daniel Larimer
Thomas Cox
Sam Sapoznick
Paul Atreides (Matt)


What is EOS Go?

EOS Go is a community effort to launch EOS blockchain as envisioned by the creators of EOS.IO.

Anyone can participate in this historic event on June 3rd, 2018. Thousands of token holders will be required to vote for EOS to successfully launch; you can become part of EOS Go by educating others, writing articles, making videos, attending/hosting meetups and launch parties, writing the EOS constitution, picking data centers for block producing, and more.

If you're interested, please start by finding your role on the community forums and resteem or tweet EOS Go to help spread the word.

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  ·  4년 전

This is the technical part of DPOS. How the code is written to achieve consensus. The other half is how the HUMANS interacting with the code are helping to achieve consensus.

He mentions in the beginning of the video that we will just assume the block producers have already been elected and proceeds to explain the code part. Much needed!

But for those of you interested in the role, us humans have in the DPOS system, let me give you a quick explanation.

Each core asset is one vote. On Steem, it's the powered up STEEM token (VESTs) and on BitShares it's the BTS.

Users vote for block producers and their vote is proportional to their stake in core assets.
The candidates with the most votes are the ones that get to produce blocks and hence get block rewards.
Now if you are a bad blockproducer, the voters can remove their support (by removing their votes) and you will lose your position as a paid block producer, rendering you harmless.

So humans that have stake in the system (something to lose) get to vote in competent, qualified people while having the power to fire them if they misbehave and threaten the network which you have stake of.

So not only does the code's rules help to achieve consensus but also the actions of the token holders (us!) assist in defending against potential attacks.

Code by itself is not nearly as powerful as a system that has hardcoded rules AND monkeys incentivized to keep the system honest.

DPOS is the best thing out there at the moment. It's crazy that it's also the fastest and more economical! Not energy wasted (like in PoW)


Let's not confuse "consensus" the blockchain term and dilute it with other meanings, such as the not less interesting of course "popular opinion" or "human majority decisions".

Great content. I can definitely say I learned some things during the editing process. Thanks for all your hard works admins of EOS Go and making the effort to meetup with @dan personally. Great job. Looking forward to the release of video #2


Thank you to our Chief Editor @topkpop for the fantastic work! Fast, beautiful video editing and an amazing intro/outro - we couldn't be happier. Thanks again and looking forward to working with you in the future. Go EOS!


Would love to know more about the cooparation betwen EOS and Bitshares


Nice work on that, very well presented.

Every new generation of Blockchain applications get better and better. Looking forward to seeing EOS in action.

this is so hard to understand.. so I was wondering how can the mass people with little or no technical knowledge can adopt to EOS


I totally agree with your thoughts

Thanks for making it simple

Great info, worth watching several times. I have so much respect for Dan, and thanks for uploading this.

A real trailblazer and pioneer in a fast moving field

This is awesome, all kinds of precedents getting set by EOS

very good information, thanks you for sharing this with us

This was much needed, thank you @eosgo.


@thejohalfiles he is really making us understand the real basics of dpos in bitshares and steemit...well done..we all cant wait for the part two of the video..am glue to my laptop...24/7...


ive written extensive on eos as well, i am presently stockpiling as much as i can afford via their ongoing ICO - i believe EOS (and perhaps Arcblock though im still waiting to be convinced by arcblock ) will ultimately replace ethers or at least rival it strongly as the driver for the cryptospace - also, i have faith in Dan Larimer especially given his antecedent


For sure. I think I'm going to start stocking up on EOS as well. I've sort of ignored it since I got burned out researching so many coins.


eos is definatly one to watch out for in the perspective! awesome choice in my opinion


@thejohalfiles I totally agree with your thoughts


Thank you

Great explanation of the Steem, Bitshares and EOS. Looking forward to more of these videos.


This is the first I've really learned about EOS. There are so many cryptos out there it's hard to keep track!

I didn't understand very much, but thanks anyways!

Great information! thanks.

Very well explained!

This proven team is making great progress, should be an interesting June.


Thanks for sharing :-)

The best explanation on how DPOS works!

  ·  4년 전

This video is great, I've been meaning to research EOS for a while.

cant wait to use this platform , very excited

really cool, thank you! 👍👍👍👍👍


I totally agree with your thoughts

very interesting! good presentation @eogo !

Very exciting too see how EOS is going to function

Dan is simply a genius, Bitshares and Steem revolutionized the world of blockchains and EOS is going to do it again

Can not understand hardly any of the audio on this. Would it be possible for someone to transcribe this? WOW. Millions of dollars and no microphone?

Thanks for the explanation. I learned something new today.

Nice video. I'm quite interested to watch for the second one @eosgo


@tiffanyrej I totally agree with your thoughts

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that if you close your eyes, it sounds like George Lucas knows a shit-ton about blockchain technology?

Eos is a great coin almost as good as Tron


Tron is a good project but its gonna take time for it to moon.


LOL, Tron is a joke compared to EOS.


What in the world are you smoking?

  ·  4년 전

@eosgo EOS was a university or not.?
because I am a little less understanding with video you create.
I hope you can explain briefly and clearly.


No, not a university. This is just the CTO of the company that created the eos.io software explaining how things work because there is a demand for this knowledge.

vote me please ..
I really need it for helping parents.

All of Dans protects have been running wild in the markets this week. Guy is a beast. Can not wait to see what they all look like in 6 months. EOS could be #2 in 18 months.

Great info; watching multiple times.

Informative as hell !!!

holy crap give me the summary of this, I'll upvote this just for effort!

  ·  4년 전

EOS seems to me will gain popularity and skyrocket. Lots of people been talking about EOS On steemit.

the post is very interesting and fantastic

Thank you for your wisdom and post. I will look very much forward to the next!

Thank you for taking the time to explain a great coin. resteemed



vote me mrazi

Nice Vidio

Thanks for the content. Waiting for the second part. @eosgo

Nice write up.

Pleasant video. I'm very intrigued to look for the second one @eosgo
Thank you for sharing

Did cardano stole thing from you @dan?

great work how do i work on it

very educative post.i apricate your great info.
thanks a lot for sharing.
i will wait for your next post....

Nice post frnd

very nice post bro

thanks for his imformation

Yeah! EOS happened to be one of those cryptocurrency that has been underated and doing very well,and am still amazed people don't talk much about it. Very stable in price and has an awesome team behind it. I got no choice but to go big on this project.

Whaaaa! How could you end it at that cliffhanger 'interblockchain communication' !!

Sometimes 24 hours is a looooong time


Thanks for sharing -:)

Yeyyy! Not so undervalued anymore, happy for you :D

P.S. Can you please also use D.tube to support the growth of the community. (Nevermind you already did :)


I totally agree with your thoughts

Good explanation @eosgo

Good jobs and interesting explanation.. Bravo!

for tips, how to earn income like you @tata-g @eosgo

great video.... thank you so much for sharing this video.....

wall this is great

I definitely that @ned will come and comment on this post for sure...divorced couples still showing much love to the community...

yeah,,,,I totally agree with your thoughts

Muchas gracias por compartir tus análisis

Is great lecture on eos. Is interesting.

great to receive the knowledge directly from the source! :D

videos of interest, and I look forward to the next video, thanks

Great start, looking forward to the next video.

Nice post brother @eosgo
Motivation for me. Thanks

Fantastic post friend

Great Content , thank you for this

Okay, I don't have time right now but I really want to check out this video later because I don't know anything about EOS. I am interested in knowing more about some other cryptocurrencies that aren't necessarily available on the big exchanges like Coinbase. There is so much to learn out there!

Very cool to learn about this tech

ive written extensive on eos as well, i am presently stockpiling as much as i can afford via their ongoing ICO - i believe EOS (and perhaps Arcblock though im still waiting to be convinced by arcblock ) will ultimately replace ethers or at least rival it strongly as the driver for the cryptospace - also, i have faith in Dan Larimer especially given his antecedent

Its interesting and all but it has some serious competition. Great videos though, found out some things i didn't know about cryptos.

I learned a lot of things. Great video. Thanks for sharing.

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thanks for the video, didn't know they still issue tokens

Well eos go is more than interesting. I will check it out. Thanks

Great Video learned a lot on how this works. DPOS/BFT Thanks.
Eos is on a steady climb in price I would get some now before 10x by end of year.

Wow... Thank you very much for your hard work on explaining the process through this great video, even a noob like me understand it quite perfectly ... I guess ^^ I also guess this irreversible confirmations in 2 seconds or less feature in truly revolutionary ? I can't think of another blockchain running faster thx ? Can't wait for part 2 :-)

Thanks for sharing...much appreciated

Great Info, thanks for sharing this. NEO is really interesting and it clears some of my questions.

wow! Very interesting! But I need to watch it again, to understand it fully... (I hope)
EoS will be big - that's quite a fantastic tech!
Semux is using a slightly similar approach to dPoS - dBFT: https://steemit.com/semux/@phash/grow-your-money-with-semux-pools

Dan, is a real Crypto Celebrity. Inspiring :)

Cool presentation an very well explained @eosgo

thanks for his imformation

Wow great post

Please resteem this post if you find this really interesting


Please vote me
Im new on steemit

EOS looks very promising in the next 2 years! They have an incredible team behind the coin, and i have a few myself!

I'd be interested in knowing the difference between NEO's delegated byzantine fault tolerance versus EOS' DPOS+BFT.

Just by the sound of it, it sounds like they are the same?

Mission accomplished. It's sleek =)

very good content, this is about learning, thank you very much, success @eosgo

Great content, though there were somethings I didn't understand, maybe I'll watch again, expecting the second part in 24hrs

  ·  4년 전

Thanks for sharing! Very Interesting

cryptocurreny, so much, cant keep up

EOS is such a great platform for building applications - and it is still so undervalued. There is a huge future for EOS to come

Great post.. followme @tylerdourden

Sir ,am learning alot from your lecture , ride on sir

He's only doing this because Charles did it and Dan realized what a success it was. Delegated proof of stake < dynamic proof of stake. Don't fool yourselves. this erc-20 token is nothing more than a trading opportunity.

Thank you for providing this video as it was very usefull in understanding, Bitshares, Steem and EOS. My one question would be to Dan and the community is, what happens when the volume is small and causes higher inconsistencies with various chains with equal length. How would the decentralized DPOS prevent from future attacks on these type of controlled equal chains in consensus?

This community will be a great help for everyone. This community is a home for enriching one's personal learning and social life as well.

Thanks for this info @eosgo.

its very good to invest in a company like eos! go eos!!!

Thank you for taking the time to put this together!


After two successful projects from Daniel Larimer and his team, I've got really high hopes for EOS.
If there is one project that I am going to wait for, regardless of events, it's this one.

what do you do that ... to make me curious?

I've always been curious about EOS. Thank you for this presentation @eosgo. Tis very helpful sir..

@eosgo can you please please remove flag from my comment? I am extremely sorry for that!! Actually I am a new Steemitian, so I don't know about that! So please sir remove my flag and I am not going to do this again!!


Enjoyed the video.

Would like to hear Dan explain the rationale behind deleting "unnecessary randomness" and the decision on the "standby" rewards?



Thanks for this. I just wrote a blog about Dan. Check it out: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@jedstephen/dan-larimer-a-genius-of-our-times

  ·  4년 전

this video really explain well how the EOS work and worth..

Great video sir, thank you for giving your time to us to show how EOS works! Cheer$


@bien I totally agree with your thoughts

  ·  4년 전

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Would you do a post of OMGETH pairing please? Just started learning Elliot Wave principles and I know I'm getting parts wrong, all part of being new at something.

eos eos eos eos eos. i want to buy eos coin but i think again. now im bu BTC coin.

Thanks for EOSGo and making the meetup release of video


@elsistrisetiawan I totally agree with your thoughts

Greet, let me know more about steem. Thanks so much.


  ·  4년 전

It's not too bad to remind myself time after time how this works.
After all, thirty percent of my tokens are in EOS))
Thanks Dan for your hard work!)

thanck you ,you are the best of the best 😉

very good and steady I really like

resteemed this! great video!