EOS Telegram Summary 12/30/17 - A Day with Dan

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Dan spent a significant amount of time today answering questions in EOS general chat, thrilling token holders and providing numerous metaphors to better explain EOS. He started by clarifying inter-blockchain communication and whether it dilutes EOS main chain token value:

(^ Ian Grigg of block.one has a $25 bet EOS blockchain can run on a Mac mini at launch)

On whether a user can engage in profit sharing or other means of income from EOS tokens:

Dan goes into light detail about the fractional reserve model for EOS bandwidth:

Dan corrects a user who thought the maximum EOS throughout will be 100k transactions per second:

A user is impressed Dan takes the time to chat with people on Telegram - similar to messaging with Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. User hadrian brings up this famous exchange:

Dan compares Bitcoin's cost to the EOS initial numbers:

User wonders why developers will want to use EOS as a backbone rather than starting their own chain:

Dan went away for a few hours, then came back to debate Cardano:

And then some real audit talk:

While Dan made EOS general chat the highlight of the day, other EOS Telegram groups were showing life as well. Quick summary of each to follow. BlockPros discussed taxes:

Devs helped nsjames refine Scatter:

And EOSTalk discussed whether lambos are worth it after a while, or if it's better to try and change the world:

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Nice summary, some good chat taking place over Telegram. I like this summary it adds to some of what has already been discussed.

Dan goes into light detail about the fractional reserve model for EOS bandwidth:

And that you dropped EOSTalk in there 👍


Thanks @johnchamberlain - trying to help people get up to speed with this revolution! Go EOS!

Great to hear it from Dan the source


Agreed @annhoyblog - he's a visionary.

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Im glad over here we are more interested in what shares like eos,steem and bitshares can do for the world and our community.

I see most other communities are realy only bothered about making allot of money, even when they talk about tech of a asset, token or coin... there just using it as a reason why they think it will go up in value.

I mean ofcourse we have to make a living while we enjoy what we do... i just believe with steem/bts/eos i can do both, and thats what makes me happy :)

Edit: Oh and cool that Dan commented on Cardano, i would like to see him comment on Ripple someday aswell, im strongly against both of them.