Dawn 1.0 Released

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We are excited to share EOS.IO Dawn 1.0. EOS.IO Dawn 1.0 is the first pre-release of the EOS.IO SDK (Software Development Kit).

The Dawn series of EOS.IO software releases represent early alpha-quality software suitable for use by those looking to get a head start on the EOS.IO ecosystem.

What's in the Release?

For the full list of features included in this release check the Release Notes.

This release includes all Phase 1 features, including documentation and guides for developers to build a private P2P network to test smart contracts.

In addition, we were able to include some features from Phase 2 ahead of schedule , a full list of those can be found here in the Release Notes.

For Developers with C++ and/or blockchain experience you can Get Started here

Updated Website

We've also updated the EOS.IO website to better highlight all of the news, releases, and excitement about this software. As well as the new homepage, we have an expanded resources page where we will be regularly new content related to EOS.IO, including announcements, development guides, videos, and community content. EOS Explorer will become the best single location to find out what's new, though of course we will continue to share everything on Steemit and through our mailing list as well.

Looking Ahead

EOS.IO Dawn 2.0, the next major pre-release, will come by the end of the year. EOS.IO Dawn 2.0 will include several critical features that are not present in EOS.IO Dawn 1.0 including:

  • Resource Rate Limiting (preventing spam / abuse)
  • Merkle Tree Generation (for cross chain communication)
  • Upgrade Management and Governance
  • More robust SDK
  • General Infrastructure improvements
  • Example Snapshot from ERC20 tokens

The goal of EOS.IO Dawn 2.0 is to be functional enough that one could launch a live blockchain.

There's still much to be done, but everyone working on the EOS.IO software is very excited to have reached the end of Phase 1 in such good shape. We look forward to continuing to deliver on the promise of blockchain technology.



block.one is a software company and is producing the EOS.IO software as free, open source software. This software may enable those who deploy it to launch a blockchain or decentralized applications with the features described above. block.one will not be launching a public blockchain based on the EOS.IO software. It will be the sole responsibility of third parties and the community and those who wish to become block producers to implement the features and/or provide the services described above as they see fit. block.one does not guarantee that anyone will implement such features or provide such services or that the EOS.IO software will be adopted and deployed in any way.

All statements in this document, other than statements of historical facts, including any statements regarding block.one’s business strategy, plans, prospects, developments and objectives are forward looking statements. These statements are only predictions and reflect block.one’s current beliefs and expectations with respect to future events and are based on assumptions and are subject to risk, uncertainties and change at any time. We operate in a rapidly changing environment. New risks emerge from time to time. Given these risks and uncertainties, you are cautioned not to rely on these forward-looking statements. Actual results, performance or events may differ materially from those contained in the forward-looking statements. Some of the factors that could cause actual results, performance or events to differ materially from the forward-looking statements contained herein include, without limitation: market volatility; continued availability of capital, financing and personnel; product acceptance; the commercial success of any new products or technologies; competition; government regulation and laws; and general economic, market or business conditions. Any forward-looking statement made by block.one speaks only as of the date on which it is made and block.one is under no obligation to, and expressly disclaims any obligation to, update or alter its forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, subsequent events or otherwise.

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You may or may not find this revealing, but here goes..

I find it more than interesting that EOS has just released an SDK called "Dawn." The reason I find this interesting is the Eos was a Titan and the Greek goddess of the Dawn. Eos is also known traditionally as the "Harbinger of Lucifer" and that's why the name of Lucifer in Greek is "Eos-phoros."

If you'd like to understand a bit more about this then you should have a read of my recent post on EOS and all the strange, Luciferic symbolism associated with it.

The link to my post on EOS symbolism is here.


I read your post. Care to explain why in the image you chose above (where you see a snake) there is actually a star of David highlighted in the diamond?
Is that now a luciferian symbol, too?
I am a bit worried about you, friend.
Seeing evil in EVERYTHING is a pretty good hint that you should look inside yourself for a while. See how that works out. Love!


Huh? Worried about me? I didn't create the image. It's from EOS marketing. And by the way, freemasons, satanists, practitioners of magick, and a host of others secret societies use symbols to communicate their beliefs and "mark their territory". If you don't know that, then clearly you need to do some more research. I'm afraid you've been looking inside too long at the cost of ignoring the world around you.

one eye.jpg

There's a reason every celebrity and advertisement today is employing one eyed-symbolism. If you can't figure this out for yourself, then I can't help you. I'm just calling out what I am willing to not ignore. This includes noticing the serpent as the emblem of Lucifer, also known as "the Adversary" or "the Shining One" from the Bible and the Garden of Eden. Maybe you can tell me why EOS chose a serpent with a single shining eye for their emblem in this ad. I just don't think it was "an accident" or a "coincidence" as we are regularly told that it is. I suggest you ask EOS marketing if you are concerned. You can also ask them about the star of David you see in their symbolism as well.



So no explanation of the star of David...

Here's the deal: There are satanists, no doubt. But calling people satanists needs some proof, you know?

You can't just go around accusing people based on your interpretation of symbols, especially if they are not consistent.

So either you are trapped inside your mind in a state of fear, or you are just trying to get attention/money.

Now, is there a chance that EOS is secretly a satanists project, sure.
Why not? But that would need some serious proof to convince those who are not inside your mind.
Way more than you bring to the table...

Great evil is always about centralization. Evil is a top down operation. And there is a reason for that: people are good at heart. Only few extremely traumatized beings are doing evil intentionally. Therefore in order to make people do evil stuff, you need to deceive and control them through a hierarchical structure.

Like the army, the state, and other top down organizations.

Decentralization is extremely counter productive to evil. In fact it is a great chance to reduce evil.

I don't want to attack you, friend. Just sharing my thoughts.

If you are as concerned with your own morality as you are with the symbols others use, you have nothing to fear anyway.

Evil is not eradicated in others, it has to be fought inside of each and every one of us. That is the great fight most fear and avoid by looking at what others do.


Ps: I am aware that the picture in which you chose to see a snake is from EOS. That is why I pointed out the inconsistency in the first place.


Let me point out a few things that I really don't care for:

  • Your posts so far have fully ignored any of my arguments at the basis of what I am saying. This includes: 1) That symbolism is a language and that people that are professionals in advertising know what their symbols mean before they apply them. 2) That the symbolism being used is consistent symbolism that appears to be Luciferic in nature. 3) That secret societies like Freemasonry use symbolism to communicate with each other even if no one else understands it.

  • You have fully extrapolated my points above about symbolism not being a coincidence to implying that I am calling everyone in the organizations applying them satanists. This is something I neither believe nor implied.

  • You are obsessed with the fact that there is a six pointed star buried in the image from EOS that I used as example image. You then try to imply that I am saying something about the star of David because of it and push me to comment more on it.

  • You go on to psychoanalyze me and state that you think I am either writing what I do out of fear, for attention, or for money. You also state indirectly that there is something wrong with me and that you are "a bit worried about me." You state that I should "look inside myself" for what's wrong.

  • You are all the while using words and phrases like "friend", "love", and "I don't want to attack you" while you make all of the above statements.

With such behavior, you are not a friend but a troll. I don't like trolling behavior and don't want anything to do with it.


Sorry. Didn't want to rain on your parade... You are now liberated from my opinions. Farewell.
Just one thing if I may:
Check out Litecoin.
Lite= light=light bearer. L=Lucifer.
At some point the price was 66.66 $. Charlie Lee has obviously Asian roots and if you know anything about the occult, you know that Lucifer incarcerated 6000 years ago in: wait for it ---- ASIA.

Don't lose your humor!


Please someone delegate me some SP so I can run a voting bot that counters all of his votes. This crap cannot be tolerated just because he has some SP and beef with @dan. I already have the bot ready to go and a bot for delegating. Let me know if interested and I will send you a form. Thanks


Love u guys°!!!



Please someone stop that clown... he is out of control. Downvoting my EOS posts for no damn reason with 60 of his bots. Literally the biggest dick move I have seen here.


My last eos post downvoted also. Bernie is rich stupid idiot that make problems to steem users.

This is going to probably sound like a dumb question, but it is coming from a dumb person so...

If I wanted to create a website that hosted videos and news articles, could I use this EOS.IO to build my own website?


You are not dumb man, please LOL.

Also, IDK the answer for sure, I am not an IT guy but Dan knows that too lol

Have a good wkend dude!!!!


Thanks man, and yeah someone answered this for me live on air. The answer is yes.


that's Rad. @barrydutton when can we get a Steemit APP on phones and or a YouTube like platform to run video blogs here without actually using a centralized video platform? is there a decentralized video blog hosting location? I'm knew at this and could actually be the more technically illiterate of this string.

Rock On Rock On.. Bring it

I managed to get EOS to produce blocks on a local testnet. I posted a couple screenshots here if you're interested.


EOS.IO nodes should be able to run on a minimum hardware requirement of Core i7 CPU, 16GB RAM. - Why the requirements?, I expect much higher than that spec for production but if you are only playing around you should be able to get it to work with much lower specs or am I missing something.


Core i7 and 16GB RAM is what we tested on. It's a reasonably sized machine for a sophisticated developer. (And only sophisticated developers should be playing with pre-release software.)

I don't know if it would run on less because we didn't try. I wrote that because I know it WILL run on that, and I don't know if it will run on less. I upgraded from 8 to 16 GB before I even tried.

If you find you can get by with 8 GB or 12 GB, or a smaller CPU, please share it on the developer channel, or let me know and I'll post it.


That's really bad. You didn't test on more than one machine?


Silly person. We tested on a lot of machines. They all were reasonably sized.

I guess I'll have to learn c++ then... :'D

I have been waiting for this!! Sadly my computer actually exploded this week. So I have to wait to do this.


why not using your phone ? :)


Theres a phone app?


er, damn... bummer dude. frankly i'm waiting for the antique i'm using to do likewise.

Well done. You continue to work ahead of schedule and implement phase 2 features with this release. This is what showing up looks like. EOS still #1 on my list by far. Congrats guys

I am impressed.

And now time to see the value go up!

Mmm.. Only C++ Smart Contracts for now? Might be a problem since it's pretty hard to penetrate the new programmers like me :(

Interesting stuff!

I hope that EOS beats ethereum at the long run. I missed the ethereum flight but wont miss this flight. I will keep buying as a raise fund. I project a market cap of 20 billion in the next 3 years.

Thanks to @dan .


This is the next step.. soon the bitshares will used this. Unluckily I didn't know this coding.


In the future there will be bitshares version running on top of EOS, which will be huge in my view.

EOS is the goddess of the DAWN ... appropriate name.

Great! EOS is one of my favorite coins, not just because of its great potential but also because of its active and hardworking developer team :)


yep. you are right. Strong team and great future. I bought a lot eos.
...and we need add bitcointalk post

so cool you're going full steam ahead. excited to see the full fruition of the eos platform!


you mean "full STEEM ahead" ??? :)

Hey, why no one cares about me? :(

EOS, the next ETH you never heard of but wished you had when it went 100x before you knew it.


Actually, that is well said LOL!!!

This is quite lovely

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DAWN(曙光)v1.0是eos.io第一个 SDK(软件开发工具包)的预发布版本。EOS.IO软件发布的曙光系列是适用于那些希望获得在eos.io生态开始初期质量的软件。
我们还更新了eos.io官网,更好地突出显示所有的新闻稿,和关于这个软件的好消息。以及新的主页,我们有一个扩展的资源页面,我们将定期添加关于eos.io的新内容,包括公告、开发指南,视频,和社区的内容。EOS 网站将成为获得最新最好的唯一地方,当然我们会继续分享在steemit,和通过我们的邮件。
eos.io DAWN v2.0,下一个预发布版本,将在今年年底发布。eos.io曙光2将包括几个关键的功能,是1.0版本不具备的:


Happy to listen that its released
Very well you have done it @eosio. Dawn is always good your post

This is amazing!

i have no idea what this means. can someone explain it in laymans terms?


This is an opportunity to join the next world elite shadow government


lol. hardly


great! just put up alot of walls everywhere and have cops fight real crime so I can go and paint them all

Great works, I wish you success
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  ·  5년 전

I'm excited and looking forward EOS to get stronger. Even though there are people doubting EOS and if it will be successful, I believe it will be a useful and efficient currency in the future.


it's not a currency

  ·  5년 전

Anything can be a currency, even squirrel furs or bottle caps.

I love EOS as a Infrastructure platform, but it has a BIG problem, since its a capped coin/token, its inflationary, you have to crate a system that emulates central banks, so can regulate token inflation, since with a inflationary coin no one would want to spend their coins and pay for the services that will be hosted on EOS, so, no money for APPs, no APPs on EOS, then no value for EOS, hope Dan reads this

Wow, been waiting for this. Definetely gonna try it!

cool. hopefully achieved all the goals of friends.

Seeing your post's vote, you're a good and smart writer.
Thank you. For your great writing and for sharing

I have been happy to get the email updates lately and still tweet about EOS and tell people about it when I get the chance.

In Dan We Trust.

No pressure though.


Congratulations @eosio!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 2 with $ 317,7

Us ambassadors are waiting for our our phase of the ecosystem to be live. Have fun, developers & coders!

Good job
I like it ...plz vests send SBD ,steem n follow me @mudatnad
Thks u
Good luck today

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Hi there, i'm new. and this is my first comment for you

ok silly question, but can you tell me where I can buy EOS? I believe you're doing and ICO but need help...very new to cryto-currencies, sorry

I purchased some eos, hoping to see a nice gain fast. :)

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POSTS like this make me want to go register my eos tokens! Remember to register them if u buy the more it's gonna be a big deal if peoooe forget ! Steem is aboit to get super crazy powerful


Why do you say Steem is about to get super powerful?

Excited about the future of EOS.

When can we get a Steemit APP on phones and or a YouTube like platform to run video blogs here without actually using a centralized video platform? is there a decentralized video blog hosting location? I'm knew at this and could actually be the more technically illiterate of this string.


C++? Really? When will people stop using a macro wrapper around a portable assembler for their code? Especially code that has to be correct.

Erlang, Elixir, Haskell, lots of good choices, in fast, functional languages where you won't shoot yourself daily in the foot. Sheesh.


How do you feel about Rust? My understanding is you can build smart contracts on EOS using anything that compiles to web assembly.

Congratulation in releasing it. regard

Congratulations and great work. You seem to be running ahead of the schedule. Is there a likelihood of completing phase 3 or the final phase before the originally planned june 2018..?

EOS when will they come out the platform

Hi, I'm not a C++ guy. Would there be a chance that I can develop on EOS using Python and/or Javascript?

I have no idea how to write code or what the heck is going on here to put it mildly. That's not to say I don't care because I do.

I am really excited about Dawn 1.0 and already looking forward to 1.1-3.0 etc.

I will be promoting not pumping I will be learning as much as I can and who's to say I won't start taking that code writing class I dropped in 1985.

GOOD LUCK TO ALL INVOLVED! Stay focused, Stay Salty.

Very interesting, I'm look out for more great content from you.

Excellent! I've built out EOS a couple times but haven't really tried developing any contracts yet as I don't really know C++ (though I plan to learn it just for this). I guess I'll be building it again soon. :)

One thing I was thinking about (which you made extra clear in this post) was how you may deploy the best blockchain the world has yet seen... and it may go unused. I sometimes feel that way about BitShares and STEEM. They are incredibly performant with amazing features and zero transaction fees and yet much of the blockchain space and big companies out there seems to ignore them.

Will the same happen to EOS? Is it enough to just build an amazing platform if no one takes advantage of it?

I hope block.one builds some important enterprise partnerships to ensure the big companies who want to get into this space take full advantage of this Ferrari you're building instead of getting stuck with a Pinto performance-wise on some other chain.


I think block.one has a really big stack of ETH to fund awesome projects which are going to be build on EOS. The fact that user are not paying for transactions is another big deal in my view. With this release of Dawn 1.0 is block.one showing that they are really care about developers.


block.one have been selling their ETH daily. They do not hold any ETH from the sales. They convert to USD daily.

They will have a shed load of USD by the end of the ICO. They already funded eio.io development with private equity and they will be using the funds from the token sale to develop businesses on top of eos

I can't wait to see what they build


What is eio.io ? Do you have more informations about it ?


go to website eos.io


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bernie and his bots really hate you! did you steal his cookie at lunchtime? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😜


Steem is objectively being used more than any other blockchain network.

We've been near the top of a bull market and hype cycle for quite a while recently. It's a pattern of irrational bubbles that resources are misallocated to the projects with the most hype. It's the bear market that will separate the projects which are solving real problems from those that are not.


You'd think so and that the separation would translate into token value, right? So far I'm still waiting to see it happen.


No, I would not expect that to happen in an efficient manner. Especially not in a market like this. Extended bull markets are terrible for malinvestment.


Hoping for that too Luke... it being annoying to see stupid stuff being invested by people when the "real" thing... just does not get it... sound like the world just wants money instead of progress. You would be surprised what actually really works is in the other way around... it is just a matter of time.


I can't imagine eos not being used. Steem and bitshares are built for specific use cases. That might be one of the reasons why they don't compete with say ethereum. On EOS you can build all kinds of applications, which combined will bring a lot of usage to the blockchain. I think EOS will at least match ethereum in popularity and then it should naturally overcome it, since applications built on top of it will be much faster and better in all kinds of other ways.


I'm in a similar position regarding C++. Looking at the example contracts, I think I understand just about enough to get started, whilst I learn whatever else is necessary. Looking forward to trying it soon.