EOS Case Study – Understanding What, Who, Why, When, and How - Part 5(When)

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What’s up my fellow Steemians! I hope your long weekend was a good one. It was a busy week for me despite the long weekend. Lots of side projects and transition at work but its all to the good.

This week will be another short post, partly due to the lack of free time to research. But this post is just an update on EOS’s token exchange and what has happened and how have the ICO markets responded.

EOS Article 1.PNG

So what has happened to EOS? What has happened to ETH?
I found these two articles very interesting. It highlighted some interesting observations about EOS and ETH.
Article #1

Article #2

There were several key takeaways that I thought it would be good to highlight.
• EOS saw a run up on their price from high $11 to hitting as high as $14.60 (20% surge). This surge has been predicated on the selling of ETH.
• ETH saw a price decline from low $600 before almost touching the $500. It has since returned back to $619
• Overall, the large selling that we saw in ETH has somewhat subsided. ETH has seen its massive sellout and despite that, ETH has come back to its levels that were pre EOS launch.
• From what we can gather, EOS’s launch, hailed as the ETH killer has not demonstrated that yet. The selloff has been more based on people wanting to get shares of EOS (in addition to keeping their ETH).
• Others have speculated the EOS will grow at the expense of ETH. That has not been the case. If that were the case, we would see ETH in the low $400s. And that hasn’t transpired yet.
• According to the article, 200,000 shares of ETH (approx. $110M) was exchanged.
• We could see some profit taking in EOS over the next few weeks. EOS had originally hit a high of $21 back in April before coming down. And has been in the $12 for awhile before this launch.
• I think its important to recognize that both of these platforms, although competitors, I think its too early to tell which one will be the lead. My opinion which has not wavered since I first stated it is that I think they are complementary and have different target audience.
• I think ETH’s strength is the fact that it has been widely adopted and has the EEA platform for it to grow and be adopted widely by large firms.
• EOS is the “baby” and younger than ETH (although by only a few years) but it does speak to a growing and emerging player. EOS’s strength is the ownership of Block.One which can be a true differentiator. But that speaks to new ways to create value/technology and not necessarily the adoption of the technology.
• My key point in all of this is that ETH and EOS have great value and opportunity and I would hold both.
• Tactically/technically, there are buying and selling opportunities. I would buy ETH at high $400 and buy EOS if $10…and I would look to sell/trim ETH if $900 and EOS if $16.

Hope this helps.

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Interesting prices to move in and out of. I am sure you have success with these tactics often, hunh. Good read and nice to see your points well positioned, I just worry I will miss its run.


Thanks @tom74! We'll see.

Good post @epan35, EOS will spike after the mainnet goes live, something that should happen within the next days. At the moment all the BP candidates are auditing the code for security and doing the best for the platform. Greetings from #EOSVenezuela

thanks for advice , im looking for EOS this is an amazing project with huge potential

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Interesting observations , what's your buy/sell limits for STEEM as per

  1. Valid till end of 2018 timeframe.
  2. Valid till end of 2019 timeframe.

Sir it's for you,hope it will be your Choice...Thanks for great post