Hirevibes EOS Business Model for Investors - Does Somebody Know About it?

2년 전
in eos

Hi Crypto Community,

Does somebody know how Hirevibes is looking to incentivice Buying Pressure to its token, to push the price up.

I see there are plenty of incentives to refer hires, for the hired person and for the one that hires, as well as donations for social purposes, however, I don't see were are the incentives for token holders.

I believe the fact this is not explained is what its making no incentive for new investors.

I follow the project closely, and I see lots of development for the platform, but for investors, I believe Hirevibes marketing team needs to explain how their business model is thought in order to put buying pressure on the token.

Currently their is a staking process taking place, that is delivering tokens every day to HVT holders. This is with some funds available because the HVT token is non-inflationary. But since the price has tanked, many stakers are collecting rewards and selling it on the market, what is causing selling pressure, instead of buying pressure.

If you know something on this project or how the @hirevibes team is planning to give value to the HVT token, It would be great to hear about it.

Thanks for reading.


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