South Korean Giant IT Company to Run for EOS Block Producer

4년 전

Today on 2nd of April, one of the South Korean giant IT company NEOWIZ has officialy announced that they are about to run for EOS block producer as a name of EOSeoul.

This company , NEOWIZ, is well know for the world’s first web-based chatting community "Sayclub"(, a game portal "Pmang"( and music steaming service provider called "Bugs Music"( which is extremely prefered by young generation in South Korea.

Key members of NEOPLY, a branch of NEOWIZ company, and NEOWIZ itself has been nominated including the CEO of NEOPLY.

EOSeoul team will be annoucing the details in a 2 to 3 days. Interestingly, they have joined Steemit for their official SNS channel.

Below is a snapshot of their article just posted on Korean EOS society KOREOS.

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