EOS - Life, Liberty, & Property - A Talk With EOSocal BP Candidate

2년 전

What does it take to be a good block producer?
Here's a deep dive with Cesar Diaz with EOSocal.

Press play and enjoy

One of my favourite things mentioned is how EOSocal will provide a type of incubator services for blockchain projects that are launching.

The Tulip Conference is coming to San Francisco June 5th-9th
(A Lot Of BPs & EOS Folks Will Be There)

Here's from the website

An Incubator of Decentralized Apps

We provide private capital to companies in all stages and are able to fund in fiat or crypto.
If we are elected block producers, we will use a portion of block rewards to fund decentralized applications.


We learned Design Sprints from Jake Knapp himself, and they produce results! We're happy to help companies run them and pass on the design sprint process.


We are in process of developing a decentralized application on EOS.IO ourselves with plans to "air drop" tokens and pass on the gained knowledge and experience to our incubated projects.

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have very sure that EOS have a very good future, but we have to encourage people by investing into EOS, and let them know the fact that is a future asset.


Yeah right! EOS futures similar to Bitcoin futures.

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Thank you for the share.
Very interested to see how all goes this week.
Cheers to success and healthy growth.

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eos is such an awesome project, that is one of the reasons why I write so much about it. One of the things I love about eos is the community, And with that alone, I know eosocial will be a big deal in the future.

Pretty cool idea man! Thanks for sharing. You've got a new follower!!


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Nice work guys, it's fantastic to see so many projects launching despite the tough crypto landscape right now. Hopefully all this activity leads to some bullish behaviour for the remainder of 2018!

Vea pues, interesante. Usare google translator para saber el contenido de esta publicación ahora mismo.

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Does everyone on the EOS team wear a funny hat?

I wish i'll have the priviledge of being with such great minds, EOS has always been my passion to learn and gain from. Reading through the post and watching the videos i've been able to pick up one or two ideas and also my zeal has been rekindled. Thanks so much @happymoneyman.

This post is not just enlightening but also an eye opener for a young Nigerian such as myself who is trying to get into the EOS world. Been into airdrops and coinpot and the rest of them.

[Source: coinpot.co]

Thanks once again.
Cheers Sir.

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EOS ... binance is going to freeze on 2nd June ... I am not feeling well while using a wallet so I am going to go with Binance. Hope there is not going to be propblem in that.

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Checking on eos now, heard about it for a while, but never had the urge to check on it, and now finally i am doing it. thank you.

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Does anyone know about EOS air drops?

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Helpful shared and Useful video !! Thanks for this but this system is very complicated .. A lot of much coin can be growing or downing but I think important thing is understand what direction the whales are going ;)

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Well done and good work, EOS is similar to Bitcoin futures..!! This is awesome and interesting! Nice post =D..!!

we have a great bounty program including a generous lottery looking to grow an active community rewards based on community activity and geniune interest since it is a major part of our ecosystem.


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Thanks for putting this together. Can I recommend for future articles you give a brief summary of what makes the currency or project unique to help people decide if the video is worth watching. Over an hour is a lot of time to commit when you aren't sure what the video covers.

Informative post. Thanks a lot for sharing it