EOS Nears Launch - A Talk With Thomas Cox

3년 전

Get into the mind of a creator of the EOS Constitution.
Here's a very interesting crypto theory talk with Thomas Cox:

Last Chance To Add Your Input To The Launch Version Of The EOS Constitution.

Add Your Constitution Input In Forums: (Your Input Requested)

EOS Go - Governance Forum

Tulip Conference in San Francisco (Thomas Cox Speaker)
June 7-13 https://tulipconf.com/

Happy Money Man Telegram Groups:

Weos (Social On EOS): https://t.me/weoschat

Crypto Friends Chat: https://t.me/joinchat/GBOMkA_82uDSWYuo-c1LHQ

I sit with Thomas Cox and Talk EOS Governance
Why EOS?

What did it feel like being the man who put the pen to paper?
What kind of thoughts did you have?

What are negative rights? “Via negativa” Addition by subtraction

Why a constitution?
Where does this fit between ETH (code is law) and our current government?

Arbitration - How does it work? What are the mechanisms?
What are the disincentives?

Can you talk about reputation models for EOS?


How is voting weighted?

How to incentivize participation? What are the social norms and drivers?

Proxy voting
Ricardian contracts

Bitfinex made a public announcement they will run as a BP
What are your thoughts on big exchanges or Dapps being BPs?

Why vote buying doesn’t make sense mathematically.

What about big exchanges incentivizing their clients to proxy their vote?

What if Bitfinex offers lower transaction fees to proxy your vote with them?

Vote buying is not ok. What if BPs spend millions of dollars on advertising for themselves.

It seems the app or devs who build out the “voting interface” will wield enormous power. The interface that presents the voting options may be able to sway votes in very nuanced ways. What are your thoughts on this?

This is a huge cultural experiment. As you’ve built the constitution and attempted to honor a middle ground across the world, what was one of the most interesting sticking points?

How does this experiment look a year from now?

And all kinds of philosophical gems in between.

Much Love My Steem Friends

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Fingers crossed that the EOS is the next best thing; equivalent to a hardfork of steem. I like the idea of recovery options. Could be better than getting a tattoo of your keys :D


im just getting to see this at this moment. honestly fingers crossed just like you said. its been a while for me on steemit. EOS could not only be better than getting a tattoo, have you ocean dived before? lol


Yeah, same here. Since last year. I have swam in the ocean but not dived. I need PADI certification. Have you?


oh man, you deserve an accolade , i haven't gone that far lol


Well, thank you! I'm learning how to be efficient with time. If you can figure out what works best than you don't need so much free time doing useless stuff on the platform.


Appreciated, thumbs up for whats coming.


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wow!! its look wonderfull!! I like it

EOS is awesome am sure it's going to change the world. thanks


totally agreed.let's wait for its launching date

Wow, Very promising. Can't wait to use EOS application.


yes, and the bullished coin as well, right? I belive the coin will go further up.


it's more exciting for me
let's roll and rock with EOS

Cant wait to use EOS applications. I think It will replace Ethereum psition


They are the future! How lucky are we to be apart of this! It fires me up.

My love for the EOS keeps me excited in view of the launch date


you are absolutely right Mistakili, I wish I have some extra bucks to buy at least $100 to HODL.


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Yes EOS could change the world in good way. Its not just another crypto.


No Parceval.

it's mission i guess is made clear though.

see this.

EOS is a crypto aimed to empower communities to create the next era of disruptive organizations.
EOS aims to create platforms and tools that will enable the building of blockchain supported and decentralized businesses, applications, and collectives.

Although EOS has got a great concept already, one point that makes it a big deal is the dedication to closing the gap between the promise and the reality of blockchain technology.

Crypto Analytics:
EOS has seen a significant rise in the last days of April. Even though with a market cap of $14,454,801,165, not all that much, however, its peak rise was in January which of course was followed with bearishness which affected all the cryptos.

More info can be gotten from https://bizdynamicx.com/the-top-5-best-cryptocurrencies-altcoins-picks-to-buy-the-most-promising-altcoins-already-established/

begining of june will be very interesting

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Great interview! Thanks for sharing!

Let us know when it launches. I think Steem will win in the end because I am on Steem. :) lol

It'd be interesting to see what happens post launch

Anyone who is holding or planning to hold EOS through the main net launch but isn't comfortable handling the transfer of tokens on their own, you can use BINANCE and they will convert any EOS held there for you. Cheers!

Only a month remaining. True Decentralized platform is coming

It's a great news!
I can't wait

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Well hello there; it is rather enjoyable is it not?

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This is going to be amazing. EOS is going to rock!

Super pumped for EOS. Definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with as soon as it launches.

good to learn a bit more about EOS, I hadn't heard much about it prior.

thanks for sharing!

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great conversation guys, thanks. EOS rocks!!
regards from Costa Rica

I can't wait for lift off!!!

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Eos could take over as the number one blockchain eventually. Really excited about the development.

This is amazing news , this is long awaited and this isn’t gonna be awesome

It's Good to read a crypto blog post.

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Really looking forward to it.

Keep in mind, this moment is like EOS’s constitutional convention. They’re still looking for better ways to write the constitution, and the community should be communicating their concerns to the rest of us, so as to have as clear a constitution as possible.

So excited about this and patiently waiting the launch.


EOS rocks

Hello. I really love this post.

I don't know this app, but I want to learn it
Thank you share

Truly EOS could change the world in great way. Its not simply one more crypto.Thanks for sharing !!


sorry did i mess up ur illusion? lol

eos is gonna bounce back like big sean DPOS for laif

i bet bitfinex and binance will be block producers

dude i bet we will have eos.io/@ackza for example will be our eos io wallets onlien and i bet it will look liek steem wallet and i bet there will be a witness type page but for voting for eos block producers but all teh dapps and frontends will look WAY more beautiful than steemit hahaha

I love this experiment itself, I believe " EOS " is a sure success.

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I’m very excited about BlockOne and everything Dan Larimer has done for the blockchain community. EOS i’m All In!! Check out Dan Larimer’s interview here

great news all steem user friends

I don't think we'll see any of smart contract protocols die anytime soon. Ethereum will try to keep up, be decentralized and fast enough, EOS sacrificing some decentralization for lightning speed, and Cardano for security, to prevent stuff like DAO attack or Parity contract killed by a random guy. Q3 2018-2019 will be hot for all 3.

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Can't wait. Thanks for sharing!

EOS main net launch will propel this market higher... this could be just manipulation for some last minute institutional money to make its way in....hodl tight homies!!!


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genial noticia... mucho éxito.

Yes.. The best my friend

Iam really excited for the mainnet launch, there are alot of bad rumors and criticism about EOS. I hope that lots of them can be resolved at launch and they can fulfill the high expectations. 2018 is going to be a exciting year.

I’m very excited about BlockOne and everything Dan Larimer has done for the blockchain community. EOS i’m All In!! Check out Dan Larimer’s interview here and please follow me as we will show you the throughput technology in real time and daily updates on how my organization is helping gentrify Los Angeles , pushing the homeless out into the suburbs and raise property values via crypto currencies and un blocking the chains!!

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“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”

Excited and waiting.. if someone is still waiting, book a ride on the EOS train. Current price, ahead of main net launch, is a steel

I can’t wait!!!

I had the pleasure of hearing Thomas Cox discuss the constitution and governance at the EOS meetup in NYC. This guy and the team are brilliant. I can't for EOS to launch!!

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I love EOS, it's our one year anniversary soon :)

Aside from EOS price increases, the social and economic changes with the application of this technology can really blow the mind if you think of it. From renting bandwidth, storage, and return on social interaction like I’m doing now; I’m not sure this is what we thought of as a living wage of the future but it gets pretty interesting. As long as you’re a positive person being productive to the common good.

Good Job EOS !

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Thank you for all this awesome info, people be careful on the control issues and hopefully this will come out to be helpful for everyone and to give the power to some other force to control the instrumentation system.

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So you are going to teach us about the EOs blockchaim, why it's not foot to buy votes. That is very exciting.

So you are going to teach us about the EOs blockchaim, why it's not foot to buy votes. That is very exciting.

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Excelente post, @happymoneyman.

Never mind what happened in price this last week. Next month will be extremely exciting for the whole crypto community. Best of luck to all Hodlers

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Great conversation. I love that you are interviewing all these heavy hitters involved in the EOS project.

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Eos will take over Ethereum due to its scalability issues.

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41:45.... Ive literally yesterday wrote a 1500 character blog post on that exact one statement.
"As long as i get payed i dont care what happens to the blockchain".. Bravo sir, for understanding that underlying flaw in human character.
EOS just peaked my interest a bit more.

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Did anyone thoroughly digested the discussion between Daniel Larimer (bytemaster) and Vitalik Buterin on github?

Their discussion was closed a few days ago after arguing about the Byzantine Fault Tolerance of EOS, which seemed off.

Link: https://github.com/EOSIO/eos/issues/2718

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Great EOS, I guess the price tag will increase next month and it's mission of empowering communities to create the next era of disruptive organizations, and
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EoS is a great investment and initiative, love it!

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Eos will be in Nairobi tomorrow. This so great for us here in Kenya.

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I have never been more excited for one single event in my life. EOS is a project with potential to completely revolutionize the way we interact with each other on a global scale across digital mediums.
It is like unleashing a tool set and governance system, which gives people in every country across the globe, access to create, and build ideas that can revolutionize society.

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New around here, but dug around on this and it looks really cool, and just massive amounts of real work being put into it.
You are responsible for yourself, "You are the author or your actions..." That needs to be on a t-shirt and taught in every school and college, and would fix most peoples problems.....

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