EOS Tribe - An EOS BP With Big News

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How is the security of EOS for launch? Is it vulnerable to attack?
These questions are answered.

EOS Tribe is a BP Candidate.
There are things you don't know about this Block Producer hopeful.

Press Play
You Don't Want To Miss This Interview

In this talk:
Hardware and redundancies
How to diversify BPs
Backup Nodes in different countries
Satellites to launch into space

EOS Tribe is an Early Movers, Active in the Community Internationally
Independent, Has Not Taken Any VC or Outside Investment
US Based, Leading The Charge For Other US Based BPs
Highly Technical Team
Active on 2-3 of The Highest Profile Projects in the EOS Ecosystem (Chintai, SES Wallet, EOSPortal, etc...)

Outline of Projects:
— SES Network Wallet
— Project Gia
— Arrowhead Testnet
— BP Monitor
— EOS Tuts
— EOS Rise Events
— Chintai
— Tulip Conference

EOS Tribe Website - https://eostribe.io

Tulip Conference Tix:

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And you dare saying that out loud on a platform he made? Funny


EOS better cure cancer with the amount of hype surrounding its mainnet launch. I suspect a dump or a stagnant price following the launch. Buy the rumor sell the news.


One man's death is another man's bread.


Well, much worse exploits were found on the EOS audit by Qihoo 360.

These vulnerabilities allow attackers to gain remote control over any EOS node, construct and publish malicious smart contracts, or become a ‘free miner’ and dig up digital currencies based on the EOS platform.

Since the attacker can gain complete control over an EOS node, they can literally do whatever they want. This includes stealing the key of the EOS super node, controlling the transactions of cryptocurrencies on the EOS network, or acquiring financial and privacy data about the users including their wallet private keys.


I think EOS should delay the mainnet launch until the blockchain is more stable. Several exploits were recently found which is not good for EOS. Has @dan responded to this yet?


yup dan already debunked this article, on his eosprice telegram here https://t.me/EOSPrice

It was pretty epic, here is the medium post with full explanation of the FUD article from that random website "cryptocoinspy" which came out of nowhere. Dan debunks the entire FUD hit piece beautifully in this Medium Article.


I agree with Steve. The primary Block producer node should be their own hardware and potentially have backups on AWS. I like these guys

Another great video!


Yea, it's a pretty good point. AWS could be a bad single point of failure


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Note: Maybe don't tell people they can write better before begging for hand outs.

And for the main topic of this post, EOS is great, there's bound to be FUD. It's not perfect but neither is bitcoin or any other crypto. EOS is definitely better than Ethereum.


i agree with you dear @brianphobos

Exciting times for EOS in JUNE :)


Is BP stand for block producer i am new eos so kindly ? @happymoneyman


nice opinion


Yea, this will be a rad month coming up

Are any crypto platforms safe to launch?

EOS could be the #1 crypto in a couple years!!

Great interview! Thanks for sharing. EOS Tribe is really contributing a lot to the community. Hoping to hear more about the security findings.

I follow you on youtube before finding this great community if steemit. I like your content because you bring people to talk, with similar or different points of view who gives all the time quality. Nice bringing Steve and Eugene to talk about it.

I am an EOS believer and holder. Kudos!

Informative and logistic post.i like it.


Helpful post sir.Much obliged for sharing it

There are those that believes that EOS will be the future. So just time will confirm that...

Really bad news or depends of course about your point of view. Considering that an discovery that was not exploited means that have time to fix that. So... the news is Critical RCE Flaw Discovered in Blockchain-Based EOS Smart Contract System. How about that one... Chinese Report: ‘Epic’ Vulnerabilities Discovered in EOS Blockchain, Patched Same Day. So... more comments about that?!

I sold all my EOS early :( ANyway, informative post!


That's unfortunate :( There's still time to buy though!


Good time to rebuy. EOS could drop to about $6 to $8. Still may go as low as $4 if BTC touches low of 6k.


LOL Good luck waiting for $5 or even $8 EOS :) More like $30 EOS in a few days, no one even knows what EOS has up their sleeves, including many dapps and projects which will have proof of concepts, working from smartphones to interact with the EOS main net blockchain, and I believe the Block Producer Election will be one of the first orders of business. It may be very similar to steem witness elections and may unfold like early steem blockchain witness voting happened but now with a lot more eyes on it.


Shhhh...don't tell anyone this. Let them panic sell, please.


You are probably right. EOS has the potential to surpass Eth regardless of what they have up their sleeve, short term.

Ps: Don't underestimate the capability of certain groups to supress the price for their own interest, whatever that may be.

Vienen tiempos mejores para EOS para este proximo mes...

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Seeing that Eugene Luzgin has "experience" from working with DeutcheBank and the Federal Reserve reminds me of something that Donald Trump said about Hillary:

That's a lot of experience, but it's BAD experience.

DeutcheBank is the biggest holder of Derivatives in the world and the Federal Reserve is the biggest Ponzi scheme of criminal banksters to have ever been in operation, in the history of the world.

Now, to be fair, I know nothing about this guy, personally. Maybe he learned some lessons about what not to do. Then again, here these guys are talking about keeping their team as lean as possible so they can maximize their profits. That sounds like the same kind of thinking that got the world to this failed money catastrophe to begin with.

I enjoyed your post, it let me know a lot more, thanks you very much


It could handle at least a few thousands, theoretically up to millions. Only the mainnet launch will tell!

Hi very good blog happy to hear about EOS . Already have some in my cryptocurrency portfolio as long term investment . Resteemed :)

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Interesting nd good work
Sir I am new steemit user plz help me

Happy to see an Eos Tribe!!! Cool. Here's my Tribe http://balkumbatribe.com/
Regards everyone steemians.

I agree with you, sir. And I love your post sir. Love you verymarch...

this was a good simplified analysis

the power of money and power of bots i see it now, some people also write good stuff here but ends up getting zero votes. You should also help the minnows too.

Iam really excited for EOS launch, it will be the first Blockchain with a market cap of over 10 billion USD, before the genesis block is produced.

This is such a very nice post @happymoneyman 😊😊 it really informed us readers

Hey @happymoneyman ! It is simply MAGIC! heheheh.. Thanks! (Following, voted & re-steemed!)

We should hire John McAfee to protect EOS from bad viruses.

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Can Cryptocurrency Businesses like Coinbase Compete With Wall Street Conglomerates?

I believe the basic idea of EOS in the first place is marvelous.. I mean the thought and patterns...
Concerning its vulnerability is another criteria most EOS related individuals need to. She'd more light on... In light of the above video.. I believe that everything is vulnerable to hacking.. It just depends on how good you are and your perspective and determination..
Project Gia needs some help on the basis on understanding it as it could and would have adverse effects on eos if not properly addressed

Thank you for this video, while registering the EOS, they ask for regional location, if you are a U.S citizen or not, i will like to know why this is so


From the FAQ:

Why can’t U.S. citizens, residents or entities purchase EOS Tokens?
It was decided that U.S. citizens, residents and entities should be excluded from purchasing EOS Tokens in the token distribution because of some of the logistical challenges associated with differing regulations in the many states of the United States of America. block.one does not believe that the distribution of EOS Tokens or the EOS Tokens themselves are securities, commodities, swaps on either securities or commodities, or similar financial instruments. The EOS Tokens are not designed for investment or speculative purposes and should not be considered as a type of investment. Nevertheless, U.S. citizens, residents and entities should not purchase or attempt to purchase EOS Tokens.


Thanks pal


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I am holding EOS from when it was 0.5$ and that was my best pick ever in my crypto investment.

By the way i follow you on youtube already but this post and video specially drew my attention because i am a holder of EOS.

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Thanks for this kind of post and video.

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guys what profiles on cryptocurrencies are interesting?


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good initiative


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Thanks for these EOS videos they are really getting me up to date again

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Great interview. Let's see what these guys can do. Last pass in the blockchain is something that occured to me too. The beautiful of cryptography, you can hide all your secrets in plain site.

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Is this related with block chain ?

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Hey guys!

We invite every single person who is passioned about the idea of the decentralized world to join us! Grin


The first platform where you can:

-connect with same-minded people
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Eos real Ethereum killer, fascinating project

Keeping a close eye on EOS throughout this process. Wondering if its a safer bet than XRP at this point...


Xrp is a bet?LoL

William the Silent? Trade your Spanish booty for Chinese Silk, or pass the Dutch on the left hand side with Lord Indra ...tulip bud crisis?

The Native American Party, renamed the American Party in 1855 and commonly known as the Know Nothing movement, was an American nativist political party that operated nationally in the mid-1850s.

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I think I saw this when I needed it most.

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You are really doing a fantastic job @happymoneyman with your interviews for cryptocurrency topics. I think in long-term you will be even more successful, because cryptos and blockchain is getting bigger and bigger.

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Eos....lets see where it goes. Not impressed so far.

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what happened if there are many BP(Block Producer) of EOS? we can receive some difference EOS coin,right?

awesome analysis dear @happymoneyman

Excelent, from here we support with pleasure.

Eos getting high in june

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hay buddy help me to build my blog @muved
may Allah repay your kindness and give you good health, behind you help people then someday you will be helped by whoever it is.

I have upvote you because your post has been very nice

Thank you Eos Go for being one of the cornerstones of this community, much appreciated.

I have upvote you because your post has been very nice

totally disagree withyou

Have you already considered High Performance Blockchain (the Chinese EOS) as a serious EOS contender? They are more than 100X smaller than EOS, have partnerships with NEO and have besides a software also a hardware solution. Mainnet is due to release end of June. Extremely undervalued!

I have upvote you because your post has been very nice

I have upvote you because your post has been very nice

we can only wait and see

Interesante informacion.

SHORT : Yes, EOS is save

It's a matter of concern in my opinion.

Nice ideas... I think this will go a long way 👌

I thoroughly enjoyed this post and video, very entertaining and informative. I purchased 30 EOS tokens a couple months ago, very interesting token.

Nice post
Thanks boss

Nice post
Thanks boss

Do u actually see them delivering in 2 days? If so, most of the other smart contract/protocol platforms will have to move their a^^es up if they dont wanna get left behind.

Me encantó. Éxitos!

wonderful updates to follow thanks again for sharing this video :)

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Well done! The EOS launch will be a historic moment across the internet so keep your eyes on them. Best of luck on launch day, guys!

I know for sure EOS is taking over from Eth ...

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i though ill sell my eos .. bt you informative post save me

EOS has a good future