Why Korea Is Important To EOS

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Hahn & Happy talk about the future of EOS

NodeOne wants to align interests with the community


EOS NodeOne talks about accelerating dapps and then airdropping the launch tokens to voters.
It may also be a good idea to reward voters agnostically if they are voting.

How does the current blockchain compare to other tech breakthroughs?

We talk about DPOS, Steemit, and EOS models as a way to reward people for adding value around the world. If you can add value, then you can be compensated without a middleman.

What is competition for contribution in a community?
This is the way the dev community and China have pushed tech in the past. Is EOS bringing this type of system to other industries?

What kind of servers does NodeOne use?
Bare Metal Producing Node with AWS is the public facing node.

The list that was published that shows bare metal versus cloud services may be skewed showing less bare metal than is actually present. The list lists the public facing endpoint, but not the producing node.

30-40% of transactions on EOS come from Korea

Korea is important in the blockchain community because KYC identification is very easy. Korea can be a testbed for the global blockchain community.

Why do trends amplify and spread quickly in Korea?
How does information and technology hit a tipping point within Korea?

6 months ago Korea was outside the top 10 for Steemit use.
Today Korea is one of the most active countries in the Steemit world.

Plus much more interesting facts about EOS

Much love my crypto friends,
Brandon @happymoneyman

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If eos is centralized than does that make everything built on top of it centralized too?


Yes and No. The Blockchain being centralized means there is one point of manipulation or point of failure which could significantly affect the applications running on it in one way or the other.


I dont think so.. What do you say?


I think so...

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@happymoneyman sir does eos has the future in crypto market ?


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EOS will be #1!! To the MOON!

  ·  4년 전

EOS in # 5 on CMC so that is very possible... just they need to start they blockchain properly. i wish you all good luck. i can say only this everything is better than ripple :D

Korea is important for cryptocurrency indeed


Korea is the country where the concept of virtual good was conceived. http://seoulspace.com/2012/05/23/cyworld-losing-to-facebook/

Wow,this is a very good write up about the important of korea to eos. I like this..

Korea is really a mover in this industry... may they continue to be this active so all other nations follow.


korea is very very important for world specially for asian territory. both south and north korea.break tha many monopoly. follow me


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There's many momentum in Korea right now. With EOS and with NK-SK-Trump conversation as well.

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i think Americans are moving trough Korea :D there is a lot power on fiat there not without Americans :)

not sure about EOS looks a bit centralized to me.

it's really beautiful!

Korea is also important for WorldCup 2018!!!

Lol, JK. It's a great article, really think EOS is the future and hope that one day Taiwan can play an important role in crypto just like Korea today!


My friend Jason Hsu, a Taiwanese politician, is working hard to make it. https://abasummit.co/ :)

Is this a real payout? Is this post really so good? I don't understand!!!

Informative video sir.Thanks for sharing with us.


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Thanks for sharing very informative video for us sir

Good think for this blog!


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This type of use is not right for steem!!

Donot you think eos messed up all the things associated with launch big time??? ..... It's way difficult for them to recover the lost reputation... Korea also can't help eos community at present as there are too many ifs and buts within eos group and product execution

Thank you for this great video and the information about EOS. I believe in EOS. We just have to be patient.

Keep up your great work @happymoneyman. I like reading and watching your posts. Resteemed.

korea and china much needed for this industry

EOS price manipulation at time of mainnet it was inorganic and feels like sooner or later this project will going to fail ... the growth it has how was extraordinary but still EOS not shown any good move lets see

is it really possibe with EOS


Asking the same question too

@happymoneyman eos mane source of transaction in korea?

terimakasih telah berbagi Pak @happymoneyman, mudah-mudahan Eos ini semakin berkembang dalam blockchain. memudahkan pengguna dan menguntungkan semua user tentunya. terimakasih telah sharing

Korea and China both are responsible for creating FUD and make market manipulation . Always we see they release some unexpected news thats effect market .


I have no words to say anything about China but my experience working with government is that different ministries & different departments have all different perspectives on blockchain so it has to be well coordinated.

@happymoneyman... Sir eos ka price up kab hoga.. Sir aap reply kare

ohhh yes @happymoneyman, I'm agree with you. There is happening something wrong in Crypto industry and Korea, China as well as India might be responsible for this. But EOS and ADA both have great potential in Future..
And @happymoneyman don't forget to show your support to @devkapoor423 by following, upvoting and commenting on posts..

Korea has 5th big cryptocurrencies exchanges in the world .So it is not a surprise that it achieved its progression so quickly.your post is really nice!!!

Very informative post. Thanks, @happymoneyman.

So, In short

1. 30-40% of transactions on EOS comes from Korea.

2. KYC identification is very easy in KOREA .

3. Korea is one of the most active countries in the @Steemit world .

Nice information. Thanks for sharing @happymoneyman

Very good informative news for your video sir thanks for information

@happymoneyman What about cryptocurrency in India ?

Crypto currency fucher in India ????

EOS has a great future


What about cryptocurrency in India ?

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Nice action

Crypto currency fucher in India ????

Crypto currency fucher in India ????

Can Any One Tell Me about this


EOS our competitor!

I think Korea is Best for a living. What you do you think?


May be Europe is even better because of the working environment

South Korea — which has given the crypto community more than its share of FUD since it began banning ICOs and anonymous trading months earlier — is now considering re-legalizing Initial Coin Offerings in the country. The change of heart reportedly comes as the National Assembly seeks to enhance the legal “basis” of cryptocurrency.

North and South East Asia will be the drivers for Crypto innovation. Interesting watching what is coming out of Korea, Singapore, Indonesia and China.

30% - 40% of transection on eos from koarea ,
this is important for korea ??


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Korea plays a vital role in crypto market...The positive responses from korean side will make the crypto community strong....


Korea and China are playing a big role in crypto

because eos is important to korea

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Nice action!

my investment on EOS does go that well i lose a lot

I love your posts @happymoneyman, Been following you a few weeks now and you always have excellent content, especially with EOS! Its so low RIght now too!

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EOS our competitor

EOS is big coin, it suddenly went from 3$ to 16$ quickly. Now sitting back to 7.4 $ quietly. This downfall was not pump and dump, it was because Bitcoin was not stable. Don't misunderstand that EOS will remain quiet, it will bounce back like beast and it has the power to even touch 80-100$ also in comming years.

Is eos break there 2017 last level in 2018

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México loves Korea

Am beginning to see more interesting story about EOS

All information given by you is valuable.
Korea holds a position in crypto world.


China and Korea holds a important position in crypto

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i think eos is india's next etherium..



Or Possibly

Fantastic work with this one,kudos.

Fantastic work with this one,kudos.

happymoneyman(25) I upvoted for you and I think you will vote for me.

Please help his brother let me be like brother because I am still a beginner🤝

@happymoneyman Not only korea, EOS need all world support

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Thanks for interesting video and information .
Good to see korea is now doing very .
Please provide information about india also??


India mai kya fucher hoga crypto currency ka ?

game of tha volume..

Really good information dear


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Korea is important for every coin. Without them trading volume will be at a great loss.

When it comes to EOS, the stakes are high. hope all will unfold has planned. It will be a game changer for sure.

#EOS is definately Boom & go moon till end of the year.!
Thanks to sharing EOS NodeOne


A Nice One!

Thanks to inform us about it through your video it is really so knowledgable post


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@happmoneyman why you choose korea???

I never think about it. Korea is one of the richest countries in the world. So, It has significant for EOS. You have discussed it clearly. Thanksfor sharing.


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Korea is best country in the world for crypto related & eos also best coin

cryptocurrencies are the future


May be the blockchain?


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nice blog for EOS

Kim Jong - UN's sister to visit S.Korea

thumbs up to nodeone

if I am not getting it wrong almost 70 % of Korean people are involved in crypto, so korea is very important for the cryptomarket. Correct me if I am wrong.

Informative -- "30-40% of transactions on EOS come from Korea"


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Korea is Indeed important to EOS. Eos has been a lucky coin for me. It has not only made me some money but got to be a friend with a S.Korean guy too.


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Interesting, wonderful post.

Good think!!!


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Great post and very informative. in my opinion Korea is one of sample that use digital transaction. i think the goverment give support well to build or develope cryptocurrency.
the more advanced civilizations the society increasingly choose all aspects of blockchain-based. this indicates a major shift from any conventional transaction will shift to decentralized transactions, because the laws of the market really run honestly and not interfered with by other authorities or powers.
just unfortunately, in many countries there is still a fear of blockchain-based technology that will disrupt economic stability (or economy, business rulers?) then blow away the issue of digital transcendence too vulnerable to fluctuations so citizens are banned or not recommended to use it

Warm regard from Indonesia


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  ·  4년 전

What is Eos? Sure it looks like 99% tokens out there, backed up with virtually nothing. And It sure dumped pretty bad. Hope you all who invested learned something about it, never again invest in something that doesn't have any product or usage.

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Great article and video, resteemed.

South Korea is the defacto driver of cryptocurrency valuation.

great information


Enriching info!

i hold 2m eos

Kore is really impportant on this, informative video. Thanks for sharing man!

Wow was a very good comment up about the important of korea to eos.
Very interesting post, I really see that Korea is an important catalyst for any market, and with the ups and downs from steemit, this kind of market behavior could greatly favors.. Thanks for sharing upvoted and following 👍

Hii @happymoneyman
I want to know is there
India is in the top ten user of steemit


Korea also!

i hold 2m eos sir have any chances to price increase??


are you serious or what? :P


yes brother i am too serious


Good for you. You are already a millionaire then. You have nothing to worry. :D

Good if more and more countries realize the potential of crypto and blockchain

We cannot say EOS as decentralized system. After update to mainnet, they died hard in the middle, Geez...

Hii great post im
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#EOS is a very good coin and many big company and personality and traders and investors are interested to join it.
#Cryptolover @ajaygautam621

Most probably, eos targeting more on Decentralized application systems? hmmm

Anything can happen in cryptomarket because already we have some major development are undertaking from this EOS coin. Better there is bright future for it people who are supporting it.

EOS prices are going down like hell after main net. The scrapping of Construction for EOS was the main factor😒 hope we see something good this week as India's decision on Crypto Currency is due on July 5th 🙏🏼

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who did bought EOS more than 18$?

Lot of open-mind people. So lot of important correlation on markets..

@happymoneyman How is the KYC process in Korea easier than in any other countries....

man after readin this
i fully understand why korea is important to EOS

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I like this


Same to me too!

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@happymoneyman i dont think so.. What do you say?

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thanks for great information


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Because Korea need to support his economy.

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EOS power house is Korea investors but it doesn't have a rossy path in 2018 further.

What next in Cryptocurrency market in 2018 ?

Cryptocurrency Future prediction.jpg

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Korea really making much wings in this community...... What a quick turn up from the citizens. I guess they really understood the system.


Korea Gurment nice werk in cryptocurrency
What about cryptocurrency in India ?


Korea's the country that first figured out how to monetize the game items in the real world, in fiat cash, from late 90's and early 2000's.


It sounds of greater achievement hitherto..........

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I think korea did self developed


Think so

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EOS is going to make a Node in Korea and reduce problem very easy ways

thanks for the posting.

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